Face Biometrics Driver State Warning System

Hyundai Mobis succeeded in developing a driver state warning system that can recognize the driver’s face and even track their eyes. The system is expected to contribute to preventing big traffic accidents caused by careless driving.

Hyundai Mobis announced on the 14th that it has recently succeeded in developing the cutting-edge Driver State Warning (DSW) system, which accurately analyzes the driver’s facial biometric data and warns about careless driving situations, and that it will supply it to main mid/full sized commercial vehicles for the first time in Korea as of 2021.

Existing driver state warning systems, which have been applied on a limited basis to some premium sedans and commercial vehicles, could only recognize the direction of the driver’s face and the opened or closed state of their eyes.

The new DSW system developed by Hyundai Mobis is the most advanced-in-class product that offers a new level of careless driving detection accuracy through driver identification based on facial feature points such as eyes, nose, mouth and ears as well as eye tracking through pupil recognition.

Its driver identification feature supports registration of multiple drivers. With this new system, Hyundai Mobis is considering connecting it with personalization features such as automatic adjustment of seats and mirrors.

Globally, systems of this level have hardly yet been applied to sedans and have never been mass-produced for commercial vehicles. The new system combines driver state data captured from an indoor camera with chassis data such as speed, transmission and handling for analysis, securing a higher level of reliability.

It is state-of-the-art technology that recognizes the driver’s face with an infrared camera installed in the vehicle and detects careless driving caused by drowsy driving, distraction and fatigue. To prevent traffic accidents, the system detects lane departure and lane crossing caused by careless driving and calls the driver’s attention with cluster indication, alarm sound and vibration.

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  1. I like knowing that there’s no software to analyze the driver’s facial biometric data and warn about careless driving situations. I’d imagine that ADAS calibration is really useful for vehicular safety. Beyond that, I can’t wait to see how much safer driving becomes.

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