Connected Car News 6/23 Continental, Waymo, Nissan, Ottopia, Infineon, Molex, Veoneer, Nexen, Imagination, JFrog, Olli, & Foresight.

In connected car news this week were Continental, Waymo, Nissan, Ottopia, Molex, Veoneer, Nexen, Imagination, JFrog, Olli, and Foresight.

Supercar HUD

Technology company Continental has developed the first ultra-compact, high-performance head-up display (HUD) in a project spearheaded by its own development and production service provider, Continental Engineering Services. The head-up display is particularly suitable for integration into cockpits with limited installation space, such as in sports cars. It allows for reliable visualization of information in the driver’s field of vision, which makes it intuitive and safe to use, even for this vehicle class. This is especially important because driving functions are increasingly being transferred from drivers to vehicles, including in sports cars, as we move toward automated driving. This enhances safety and comfort when driving in traffic jams, for instance, when the momentum and agility of a sports car is not utilized.

Waymo Partners with Renault & Nissan

Groupe Renault, Nissan Motor Co., and Waymo, leaders in their respective fields, have entered into an exclusive agreement for an initial period to explore all aspects of driverless mobility services for passengers and deliveries in France and Japan.

The agreement is designed to bring together the strengths of each party and expand expertise by assessing market opportunities, working together to research commercial, legal and regulatory issues related to driverless transportation-as-a-service offerings in France and Japan. The Alliance of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, with a global footprint and portfolio covering every segment of passenger and light commercial vehicles, is uniquely suited to join this business exploration with Waymo, a self-driving technology company building the world’s most experienced driver with more than 10 million miles on public roads.

Ottopia & DENSO

Ottopia , a technology company enabling remote vehicle operation, announced today a collaboration with DENSO Corporation, the world’s second largest automotive Tier 1 supplier. Ottopia also announced the launch of its Advanced Teleoperation (ATO™) platform, providing both direct and indirect remote control of autonomous vehicles. Ottopia’s ATO platform offers a unique integration of human operators with patent pending Artificial Intelligence software to set a new safety standard for teleoperation in the automotive industry.

Ottopia is working with some of the biggest automotive corporations in the world. One such customer is DENSO Corporation. “Our collaboration with DENSO has been phenomenal from day one,” said Ottopia CEO and founder Amit Rosenzweig. “DENSO is interested in a teleoperation solution focused on safety and scalability. These are exactly the values Ottopia is committed to while building the world’s first automotive-grade teleoperation platform.”

Teleoperation is necessary to assist autonomous vehicles through complex situations. Industry consensus is that there will always be cases when human intervention is required. The Ottopia ATO™ platform provides this human assistance, offering the safest, most scalable and cyber-secure solution available on the market

Rockwell Opens New EV Innovation Center

Rockwell Automation, a leading solutions and services provider to the automotive industry, opened a new 8,000 square-foot Electric Vehicle (EV) Innovation Center at 111 North Market Street in San Jose, California, within its Information Solutions development facility. The center will provide live manufacturing demonstrations, hands-on trials utilizing new technology and events showcasing collaboration with industry experts and Rockwell Automation partners.

Utilizing augmented and virtual reality modeling, the EV Innovation Center provides automotive start-ups and established manufacturers an environment to learn new technologies and standards, enabling them to deliver electric vehicles to market faster, with less risk and at lower cost

Iteris’ Contracts with Modesto

Iteris, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITI), the global leader in applied informatics for transportation and agriculture,  announced that it has been awarded two new contracts to develop a transportation technology strategic plan and improve traffic signal synchronization for the City of Modesto.

The two one-year projects include the development of a citywide transportation technology master plan, as well as signal coordination and timing improvements.

TDK at Sensors Expo

TDK Corporation  will present the industry’s single source of innovative sensor solutions marketed under brands TDK, EPCOS, InvenSense, Micronas, Chirp, and Tronics in Booth #416 at Sensors Expo and Conference 2019, McEnery Convention Center, June 26-27, San Jose, Calif. TDK will also present at the Sensors Expo Pre-Symposium on June 25.

The exhibition will include the following sensor solutions:

  • TMR-based Current Sensors
  • TMR Angle Sensors
  • Direct Angle Sensors
  • MEMS Gyroscopes
  • MEMS Accelerometers
  • BioMEMS:
  • Temperature and Pressure Sensors
  • MEMS Microphones
  • Ultrasonic ToF Sensors
  • MEMS Motion Sensors.

Foresight and Elbit

Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd. an innovator in automotive vision systems, announced  the signing of a commercial agreement with Elbit Systems Land Ltd., a subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd. , for exclusive marketing of its proprietary image processing software for the defense, paramilitary and homeland security markets. Elbit, a $6.7-billion leading defense electronics company based in Israel, intends to integrate Foresight’s image processing software into its products, systems and solutions, and to market it globally. The software will be implemented in wheeled military and security ground vehicles, including unmanned vehicles.

New Hall Sensor Infineon

As the first semiconductor supplier, Infineon Technologies AG will launch a monolithically integrated linear Hall sensor which was developed entirely according to the safety standard ISO26262 for automotive applications: With just one device, the XENSIV™ TLE4999I3 enables the development of fault-tolerant systems that have to meet the highest level of functional safety (ASIL D). These include, for example, electric steering systems, electric throttle control systems, and pedal applications. Infineon will present the new sensor at the trade fair Sensor+Test.

ISO26262 requires a system to keep functioning even if a single fault occurs – for example if one of the components fails. Thus, the TLE4999I3 allows uninterrupted operation at system level. The device consists of a monolithic design with two independent Hall elements. Their signal paths are separate from each other. Internal control mechanisms carry out a plausibility check of the sensor data already within the chip. Furthermore, the new linear Hall sensor also provides extensive status information to the system.

StrongKey and Infinenon

StrongKey announced today that it has become a member of the Infineon Security Partner Network, combining the company’s innovative research and solutions with Infineon’s leading-edge security technology. The strategic partnership will bring benefits to the automotive, aerospace, biotechnology, finance, government services markets and more.

Byrider & Automatic

Byrider, the largest “buy here pay here” dealership network in the nation, and Automatic Labs Inc., a SiriusXM company that brings the power of connectivity to almost any car on the road, announced today that Byrider has selected Automatic as a Preferred Partner and is participating in the Automatic Dealer Program

Veoneer Demos Zenuity

Veoneer, Inc the world’s largest pure-play company focused on Advanced Driving Assistance Systems, Collaborative and Automated Driving showcases the company’s newest Active Safety products during a Ride and Drive event for customers at the American Center for Mobility on June 19, 2019. At the event, Veoneer will showcase the first demonstration of Zenuity’s system software using Veoneer sensors and computing platform.

Customers are experiencing on-track vehicle demonstrations of Veoneer’s latest Active Safety technologies this week in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Important technologies being showcased include a vehicle integrated with Zenuity’s system software and Veoneer’s forward corner radars and mono vision cameras. Zenuity, a 50/50 Joint Venture of Veoneer and Volvo Cars, started operations in 2017 to create technology for safe and intelligent mobility.

Last week it was announced that Volvo Cars is planning to use elements of the Zenuity software and Veoneer’s control unit hardware in autonomous drive ready base vehicles it supplies to Uber to implement a vehicle control module, allowing the vehicle to stop with minimal risks, even in challenging environments.

The breadth of Veoneer’s technology portfolio, demonstrated at the Ride

Local Motors Olli for Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall

Local Motors by LM Industries Group Inc., known for 3D-printed mobility solutions, will deploy a fleet of autonomous shuttles, known as Olli, at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall near Washington, D.C. today. A ceremony to celebrate the debut of the self-driving shuttles will be held at the base and feature a number of officials from Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, the Army, the Marines, Local Motors and Virginia’s Department of Transportation.

JFrog Leaps into OTA

JFrog, the Universal DevOps technology leader known for enabling liquid software via continuous update flows, is unveiling an IoT game changer at the annual JFrog user conference, swampUP 2019. Revealed in San Francisco for the first time, JFrog is demonstrating, live and hands-on, the ability to update the software of vehicles while they are in motion utilizing RC vehicles for scale.

Commonly, installing and implementing software updates – most recognizably in autopilot or assisted cars – can still take hours and can be fraught with problems. Contemporary issues have made recent news headlines, such as stories about software updates trapping people on the road, pedestrians not being recognized by software systems and more. Tragically, in the case of airplanes, software updates (or lack of them) could even cause death.

Imagination Selected by Telechips

Imagination Technologies announcing that its PowerVR Series9XTP GPU has been selected by Telechips, a global fabless semiconductor company for connectivity and multimedia in automotive and smart homes, for use in its in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and vehicle cockpit solutions.

Nexen Parternes with Plug and Play

Nexen Tire, a leading global tire manufacturer, announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Plug and Play, the world’s largest corporate innovation platform and startup accelerator.

As a part of its effort to build an infrastructure for future technology development and new business initiation, Nexen Tire has decided to join forces with Plug and Play. As a market leading accelerator, Plug and Play was an early investor in Silicon Valley’s most renowned firms including PayPal, Lending Club, Dropbox and SoundHound.

SambaSafety Safer

SambaSafety, the market leader in mobility risk data solutions, today announces a groundbreaking enhancement to their Qorta monitoring platform. By incorporating CSA and MVR data into a single monitoring solution, SambaSafety now provides the regulated trucking industry with the most comprehensive driver monitoring solution in transportation./

PayTollo Expands States

PayTollo, a mobile payment platform for toll roads and bridges that gives Toll Authorities and drivers a streamlined payment option, announced that its service offering has expanded and now can be used on major thoroughfares in California, Texas, Florida, Colorado and Washington (state).

PayTollo simplifies the tolling experience for drivers, from paying tolls across different toll roads and bridges to account management and billing, all through the use of the PayTollo mobile app. For Toll Authorities transitioning to All-Electronic Tolling, PayTollo reduces costs and the time needed to collect funds by eliminating the need for DMV look-ups and paper invoices. PayTollo’s GPS Toll Recognition Technology algorithm and user interface delivers the ability to notify, verify and charge a user for toll crossings.

Molex Compacts Automotive Power

Molex launched a Micro Power Distribution Box (µPDB) Sealed Module with a standard and customizable version. These are compact automotive power distribution boxes that provide a junction point for both power switching and also circuit protection for vehicles or subsystems within wiring architectures.

µPDBs features:

  • A connectorized system that eliminates hand-wiring
  • A full seal with an IP6K7 NEMA rating
  • A small footprint and light weight, standard connector configurations, and a modular customizable design.

New Smart Airbag Vest from Dainese

Dainese presents Smart Jacket, the new D-air® airbag vest that can be worn underneath or atop any garment. Available for men and women, the new Smart Jacket is a foldable, functional article of clothing that does not require any connection to the bike. Used by MotoGP™ champions, D-air® technology has been developed by Dainese through more than 20 years of research in order to achieve the maximum level of versatility, and is now also built for use on the road. With the Smart Jacket, for the first time ever Dainese introduces stationary impact protection, adding a whole new level of safety.

Dainese’s new Smart Jacket is the first airbag vest featuring D-air® technology that can be worn either over or under any jacket or outfit, without requiring any connection to the bike. The D-air® protector is worn separately from clothing, can be used riding any bike and on any road, and is available for both men and women. The Smart Jacket is also foldable for easy storage in a backpack or top box. It is expected to cost $699 and go on sale in August.

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