Vizzion Traffic Camera Network Expands Partnership with HERE

Vizzion, supplier of the world’s largest traffic camera network, announced the expansion of its partnership with HERE Technologies, the Open Location Platform company and leading provider of real-time traffic information. Vizzion is now supplying the HERE Traffic Operations Center with global traffic camera imagery and video feeds through the Desktop Video Wall application.

The partnership will bring Vizzion’s network of over 60,000 live traffic cameras into the hands of traffic editors at the HERE operations center in Chicago. HERE uses traffic camera feeds as one of many sources to locate, understand, and report real-time traffic incident information in markets around the world.

The Desktop Video Wall, built to support traffic editors, helps users visualize incidents and the causes of delays to create more accurate traffic information. “The Desktop Video Wall allows our Traffic Quality Specialists to efficiently and accurately confirm reported incidents, validate locations, and monitor the incidents from discovery to clearance,” said Mike Dekrell, Senior Traffic Quality Manager for HERE Technologies. “The Desktop Video Wall is a key piece of our overall traffic incident management toolset.”

The Desktop Video Wall was originally developed in 2014 after HERE expressed interest in Vizzion’s superior traffic camera coverage and required a solution with more customizable camera displays and flexible organization-wide licensing. “HERE was instrumental in the design of the Desktop Video Wall product and their input and expertise continues to shape our offerings as we strive to help provide the most accurate and up to date road condition information available worldwide,” explains Chris Cooper, Vizzion’s President. Since then, Vizzion’s coverage has doubled to over 60,000 cameras across 6 continents.

HERE Real-Time Traffic is utilized across the public and private sectors – from state DOTs to automakers and fleet and logistics providers – to better inform drivers of changing conditions, create safer road conditions, and ensure people and goods move smoothly through road networks. HERE Real-Time Traffic is available in 63 countries.

By viewing the traffic camera feeds through the Desktop Video Wall, users can get a comprehensive, real-time view of what is happening on the roadway; incidents, construction, weather – you can see it all. Cameras can be displayed in a map view or users can efficiently build custom camera catalogs. The easy to use design of the application allows for both interactive and hands-free use and each application is personalized based on the user’s preferences.