Smart Maintenance for Zubie Fleets

Zubie, a leading connected-car company, today announced a first-of-its-kind partnership with car care technology-start-up CarAdvise to launch Zubie Smart Maintenance, a program designed to give small and mid-sized fleets a simple way to manage their fleet maintenance and leverage a network of more than 20,000 service facilities, delivering an average savings of 26%. The Smart Maintenance launch coincides with the kick-off of the North American Fleet Association conference, being held in Louisville, Kentucky.

In addition to being able to track the location and health of their vehicles using Zubie’s existing technology, Smart Maintenance provides fleet managers the added capability to track, manage, and pay for their vehicles’ maintenance, all within the Zubie application.

“Zubie’s partnership with CarAdvise solves one more problem in the value chain for fleet managers,” said Gary Tucker, CEO of Zubie. “With Smart Maintenance, fleet managers can now optimize their vehicle service as easily as they track their vehicles – all on one seamless technology platform.”

Smart Maintenance will equip fleet managers with an end-to-end digital solution to detect, identify, and alert them about vehicle problems, then schedule and pay for vehicle service and repair, all while storing comprehensive maintenance history on work performed and work declined. Fleet owners gain access to comprehensive reporting metrics on cost of maintenance per vehicle or the entire fleet. And independent ASE certified technicians are available for advice on all maintenance transactions.

“Bringing the power of the CarAdvise service platform to small and mid-sized fleets gives these businesses access to a technology solution that simplifies maintenance and lowers costs that has previously only been available to much larger organizations,” said Greg Tepas, CarAdvise Founder and CEO. “With Zubie focused on simplifying the telematics space and CarAdvise focused on simplifying the maintenance space by bringing trust, convenience, and savings by way of technology, this partnership delivers tremendous efficiency and value.”