GROM Vline Infotainment with Android 8.1 & Wi-Fi

VLine Infotainment System is designed to address increasing need of the modern drivers in on-road connectivity and advanced driving assistant solutions. According to the multiple studies, technology is the deciding factor in car purchases. GROM Audio bridges the gap between brand new vehicles and the cars that are already on the road, by offering VLine – a seamless infotainment system for factory stereos and displays.

VLine is an Android based infotainment and car computing system. Previously running on Android 5.1, VLine offered stable performance and high level of reliability. Starting February 1st 2019, VLine VL2 will ship with the robust Android 8.1 Oreo. The upgrade for existing VLine VL2 customers will be available at a later date.

Android 8.1 was designed to improve on the shortcomings of 8.0. Latency and network loads are reduced because of Google’s new Neural Networks API, allowing applications to employ hardware acceleration. Third-party developers are now able to use advanced machine learning algorithms; as a result, users will have access to smarter applications, which employ these updates. Additionally, applications are restricted to one push notification chime per second that can be muted entirely.

“The real value for VLine owners is in how they can now download a greater variety of apps,” a GROM Audio representative said, “It’s an exciting time for VLine owners to explore new apps on Play Market.”

VLine offers a “tablet-like” experience, where users are able to install many driving assistant and entertainment apps, to run directly on their car stereo displays. Users no longer need to rely on their mobile device for any of those features. According to VLine owners, the most used driving assistant services include GPS turn-by-turn navigation by Google®, Waze®, Here® maps, voice assistant, and music streaming apps. In addition, the drivers connect vehicle’s health monitoring software such as Torque, to stay a top of their vehicles condition and be proactive with the repairs, as well as reverse and front facing cameras.

Using VLine infotainment system with factory stereos guarantees a safer driving experience. By integrating with vehicle’s original displays and controls, VLine relies on the safety standards that were designed by the car’s manufacturer. Vline’s own graphic interface features easy to view intuitive layout with large, bold graphics and fonts. Build-in voice assistant allows to start navigation or search for the music, without taking the hands from the wheels, or eyes from the road.