Glympse Will Let AAA Tow Truck Callers Know When the Tow will Arrive

AAA, North America’s largest motoring and leisure travel organization, has chosen Glympse, the pioneer of real-time location technology, to provide its members with a new and improved level of visibility when they request roadside assistance. Beginning in select markets, members waiting for assistance will experience an enhanced, real-time tracking functionality, letting them know exactly when a service technician will arrive to help. Powered by Glympse, this web-based experience includes a live map view and ETA countdown so members feel safe and confident that help is on the way.

This real-time tracking experience ensures that during a highly stressful time, members receive:

  • Timely, persistent communication. Members receive text notifications when their request for service is confirmed, and once their service technician is on the way to their location. The text contains a unique Glympse invite code that lets members track the service vehicle in real time.
  • Peace of mind. The web-based Glympse experience shows the tow truck or service vehicle on a live map as it travels to the member location, plus a live, minute-by-minute ETA countdown. Customers can also confirm that their service location is accurate, see the name of the technician and cancel their roadside assistance call if their situation changes. They’ll even get a final arrival confirmation as the service vehicle arrives.
  • Clear next steps. If a tow is necessary, the web experience will show them that their vehicle is in route to its destination and confirm that final destination.
  • Voice self-serve capabilities. Members who don’t opt-in for notifications or can’t access the internet can also call AAA Customer Support and be able to retrieve the same status and ETA information via automated IVR (Interactive Voice Response), that also integrates with Glympse. By leveraging Glympses’ Voice API’s, the IVR service can provide real-time answers to the “Where is my service technician” questions, so members do not have to wait for or speak to a live agent.

“During a time when consumers expect to be able to track everything from their ride to their package or pizza delivery, AAA is the first to launch an innovative solution that reinvents roadside assistance for the modern era,” said Chris Ruff, CEO and president of Glympse. “AAA is partnering with Glympse because they are committed to delivering a customer experience that goes beyond standard expectations, and we’re proud to collaborate with them on that journey.”

“Our partnership with Glympse is yet another way that AAA is delivering on the ever-evolving expectations of our members,” said Scott Parker, vice president, Strategic Partnership Development for AAA. “Knowing when help is going to arrive, and the ability to track your vehicle to its destination once you leave it, delivers more than just a roadside service experience – it delivers peace of mind.”

This service is currently in pilot in select markets and will expand to further geographies.