Audi Premiers Electrified E-Tron Bests Rival Tesla X with Euro-Design and Amazon Alexa?

Virtual mirrors, charging ports on both sides and Audi styling–the Audi e-tron has some features not found on any Tesla X including a hand rest for touching the touchscreen, Amazon Alexa voice control integration and coasting recharging. Instead of metal aired grill, the front grill has LED lighting.

The Audi e-tron electric SUV is powered by two pl electric motors that are locally CO2-neutral and virtually silent. A new generation of the quattro drive, the electric all-wheel drive, ensures excellent traction and dynamics. It features outstanding transverse dynamics is the low and central position at which the battery system is installed. In 90 percent of all decelerations, the Audi e-tron recovers energy solely via its electric motors.

From navigation with the e-tron route planner, which displays the appropriate route with the required charging points, automated billing at the charging station and all the way to remote control via smartphone – the Audi e-tron is connected.

It is equipped with the high-end media center MMI navigation plus including LTE Advanced and a Wi-Fi hotspot as standard. Numerous assist systems further relieve the driver. For example, the standard efficiency assist promotes an economic driving style by displaying predictive information and performing automatic recuperation. If the customer selects the adaptive cruise assist, the system can also brake and accelerate the electric SUV predictively. The Audi e-tron rolls off the assembly line at the CO2-neutral plant in Brussels. Initial deliveries to European customers are planned for late 2018.

The Audi e-tron offers the spaciousness and comfort of one of the brand’s typical full-size models. Paired with high-quality materials and fine workmanship, it makes electric mobility a premium experience. This is also ensured by the comprehensive and reliable range of charging options with intelligent solutions for at home and on the go.

The starting price of the electric SUV in Germany is 79,900 euros.