UX Atlas Design Tools to Empower Faster UX Designing

NNG LLC, automotive software supplier has announced expanding its portfolio by a state-of-the-art suite of 2D and 3D design tools, application programming interfaces (APIs), and core UX engine, that will revolutionize the automotive industry.

The new product, named NNG UX ATLAS enables OEMs and Tier1s to create a functional prototype in a matter of weeks. With current industry standards in mind, this could reduce both the cost and the time needed to develop an in-car experience prototype by as much as 80-90%. The toolchain also makes it possible to create the complete driver environment with much less human resources needed, due to the development process becoming significantly easier, and much more simple.

NNG has leveraged insight gained from over 10 years of experience in vehicle UX, and more than 100 white label projects, to bring its expertise to the UX design software market.

Supporting the complete production pipeline

The new tool has been designed from the ground up to serve the automotive industry, and has been developed with both designers and engineers in mind. The 2D and 3D design tools are compatible with 3rd party design software and can deliver functional prototypes directly to the in-vehicle infotainment system. The UX engine and APIs support the complete production pipeline, enabling full inter-screen connectivity for the entire in-vehicle environment, allowing users to easily deploy designs and prototypes across multiple platforms. NNG UX Atlas is platform agnostic, multimodal, and modular – allowing automotive designers and engineers to develop for the whole cockpit.

 “We want to accelerate the future of vehicle user experience, and have built UX Atlas to support the complete end-to-end process,” said Kris Hanon, VP of User Experience, NNG LLC, “UX Atlas offers unprecedented opportunities to streamline work processes, helping our partners reduce cost and time to market.”

Current UX design tools develop primarily for deployment on a single electronic control unit within the car, and graphic elements require a separate software development stage before becoming viable prototypes. NNG UX Atlas overcomes these limitations by connecting design tools directly to scripts, components, and services, with APIs providing version control and software validation. The proprietary UX engine connects the entire in-vehicle environment, allowing underlying functionality to be repurposed across multiple screens without the need to develop from scratch. Designs, modular components, and services can be easily customized for different development programs, models, and trims.

With UX Atlas, NNG is extending its offering to become a holistic solution provider for the full in-vehicle infotainment system, enabling its partners to create the best in-vehicle user experiences.

NNG is a global automotive software supplier aiming to provide the best in-car experience for all. The company focuses on delivering solutions with exceptional value for the hybrid navigation, automotive cyber security, and vehicle user experience markets.