Wi-Fi Connected Wireless Android Auto Enabled on Head Units with Waze for iPhones

Wireless connections to Android Auto is now officially available for a few Android smartphones and compatible heat units. Using Android Auto Wireless, you can use Android Auto on your car’s infotainment system without taking the phone out of your pocket or bag. Your device will automatically connect to the head unit using WiFi without having to manually connect a USB cable. The aftermarket head units that are also CarPlay compatible that have WebLink can run Waze on your display.

The first head units supporting this feature are already available from JVC and Kenwood, there will be more products available in the future.

Please note that wireless is currently supported on Pixel, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 6P devices in North America. Additional device support will be coming in the future.

Compatible wireless Android Auto models are the DVD-equipped KW-V940BW and mech-less KW-M845BW for JVC. The units are are work with WebLink, a media platform that provides safe use of popular smartphone apps from the JVC receiver display. With a wired or wireless connection between the smartphone and receiver, and the WebLink for JVC app, drivers can interact with their Waze navigation, YouTube and Yelp accounts, as well as view the latest weather. Drivers also have access to NextRadio, a service that enriches FM radio listening by providing artist information, album art and song titles on the receiver’s screen.

The KW-V940BW carries an MSRP of $699.95 and is available from Amazon for $689.90 while the KW-M845BW retails for $599.95 and is $598.95 at Amazon. They both have 6.8″ touchscreen, 50 watt outpouts and backup camera input.

Kenwood offers the  DMX905S, with  6.95-inch is reduced tot $649.99 at Amazon. The DDX9905 gets DVD playback and a 6.8-inch features a high-def screen MSRP $1,100 but selling for $899 at Amazon.  The NX995S adds Garmin navigation to the DDX9905’s features, and with an MSRP of $1,500.