INFINITI QX80 New Infotainment Update

INFINITI’s InTouch infotainment system has been updated, allowing drivers to personalize driving characteristics and the cabin environment. Adjusted via the 8.0-inch touchscreen, the intuitive system is controlled with multi-touch smartphone controls and voice control, as well as physical buttons beneath the screen and on the steering wheel.

Passengers in the front get more comprehensive control of the entertainment system. Front-row passengers can use the Remote Control Lock function – accessed through the dashboard or steering wheel – to lock the rear-seat remote control. In addition, front-seat occupants can turn displays on or off, switch between different inputs remotely, select which audio sources are used, and play or pause content. A new “All Mute” button also enables the driver or front passenger to mute every audio source in the cabin, including headphones.

The revised layout of dashboard buttons, and customizability of apps and icons on the touchscreen, make the new QX80’s InTouch system easier to use than ever before. Updates to the navigation system include extended map coverage of countries across Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia Pacific. The system now also features voice recognition and voice navigation in Arabic.

Paired with the 2018 QX80’s smart key, INFINITI’s InTouch system memorizes more than 200 settings for two drivers, including customized settings for navigation, seat positions, audio, safety systems, climate control presets and configuration of the infotainment system. The car automatically adjusts when it detects each smart key.

The system offers full smartphone connectivity and telematics support, depending on market. This enables owners to control elements of the car remotely, and access a range of other support functions. New features include Remote Engine Start, enabling drivers to start the engine and heat or cool the cabin before getting in; and Remote Horn and Lights, enabling drivers to control the car’s horn and lights via their phone – useful if the driver is unable to remember their car’s location in an airport parking lot.

Other connectivity and telematics features include breakdown calls; stolen vehicle tracking and theft notifications; curfew alerts; maintenance alerts and vehicle health reports; and route planning with Google Send to Car and operator-assisted destination settings.

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  1. Would be better if it came pre installed with apple car play and Android auto. Nothing like having a luxury SUV without the easiest software to use… The qx80 can’t even connect via USB with my Galaxy so. I rent a lot and I’ve rent the qx80 but I will never buy one because they are missing this feature.

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