Honda Supports “Remove the Distractions”

Honda is supporting Distracted Driving Awareness Month with “Remove the Distractions,” a series of short videos on Honda’s social media channels aimed to raise awareness around the perils of distracted driving.

The campaign features four 10-second videos, dubbed ‘Astronaut,’ ‘UFO,’ ‘Tricycles,’ and ‘Portal’ where users are presented with a driving scenario in which a text message pops up on the screen, interrupting the scenery. When the text disappears, the video reveals surprising imagery that would have been missed as a result of being distracted. The videos end with the tag line: “When your attention is on your phone, you miss what happens on the road.” To further drive the message home, Honda fans will see additional posts throughout the month communicating statistics showcasing the prevalence of distracted driving in our society. The “Remove the Distractions” campaign will run across Honda’s Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter platforms throughout the month of April.

“This new campaign from Honda aims to educate consumers about the serious risks of distracted driving, encouraging more drivers to make better choices when they get behind the wheel,” said Susie Rossick, assistant vice president of automobile marketing for American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “This campaign is a natural extension of Honda’s longstanding effort to improve safety for all road users and to realize our company’s vision for a zero-collision society.”

Honda is pursuing its vision for a zero-collision society through advanced technologies such as Honda Sensing, already deployed on nearly one million Honda vehicles on U.S. roads today. These technologies can significantly reduce the likelihood or severity of a collision and also serve as a bridge to highly-automated vehicles of the future. All Honda vehicles also feature the company’s Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure for improved collision safety, and have helped all tested 2018 model Honda vehicles achieve the highest available 5-star Overall Vehicle Score from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration.