Bluetooth Pedal Control for Dodge, Ram, Jeep & Ford with Android & iPhone Apps

Pedal Commander has announced the release of the highly anticipated Pedal Commander Bluetooth Throttle Response Controller. This is an updated version of the increasingly sought after PC-31 and PC-18 P4 units, commonly used with Dodge, Ram, Jeep and Ford vehicles. These units dramatically reduce the lag in your throttle and make driving your car a whole new experience.

“Our Bluetooth units are now able to give our customers more benefit and functionality, from controlling the Pedal Commander throttle Response Controller using your Android or iPhone. We also added new functions such as anti theft lock modes, and improved eco and sport modes. Also it allows us to upload vehicle specific programs directly to your device,” said Head of Marketing, Joseph Durso.

The added functionality and new programmable updates using the Pedal Commander App is just the start for the new Pedal Commander Bluetooth Throttle Response Controllers. Every owner will now be able to adjust and control their units using their phones, set custom profiles and have individually programed MAP files specific to their vehicles. With the advanced programming ability, users are expected to see increased savings on MPG and increased functionality throughout the multiple settings.

“Our success with our P4 Unit was overwhelming and performed better then we could imagine. Our goal was to make sure that our customers continue to receive the highest quality products, best customer service and that we continue to offer more from our products. I believe our new Bluetooth units have accomplished that,” Owner, Murat Yilmaz.

They are currently developing their entire lineup to include the Bluetooth capability and expect to have these units available over the next 60 -90 days. The current units PC-31 for Dodge / Jeep / RAM and the PC-18 for Ford are available for pre-order starting March 15th and will begin shipping April 1st to customers.