Mercedes-Benz Launches Connected Car API- Daimler Splunks Data

Mercedes-Benz is offering an API for developers and is now as well as its Daimler partners using Splunk for security analaytics.

Mercedes-Benz has released its first experimental API for developers. “Connected Vehicles” allows developers to access to important telematics data, status info and vehicle functions from virtual Mercedes-Benz cars. Developers can Experiment with individual status data from the car’s current location to tire pressure status and the option to remotely open and close the car’s doors. Currently the API works with with the High Mobility simulator. The company plans to open up the API to vehicles in the future

Last year, Mercedes-Benz z and partners launched the #MercedesBenzChallenge to enable creatives and developers to come up with new digital solutions for the car of the future. High Mobility was proud tech partner for the challenge with its APIs, developer center and virtual car emulators!

The Mercedes-Benz challenge offered developers an exclusive opportunity to be one of the first to play around with 80+ APIs that might be open to 3rd party developers in the future.

The registered participants could develop new and innovative use cases – app or otherwise – using the car emulator, mock APIs, and SDKs, for a chance to win one of the many giveaways and cash prizes worth more than 30K€.

Founded in 2013, HIGH MOBILITY is a multiple-award winning platform focusing on creating easy to use digital developer tools and a thriving community around connected cars. Its products and services are designed to simplify collaboration between carmakers and software developers. With a presence in Berlin, Turin, and Tallinn, HIGH MOBILITY is dedicated to digitally transform the car industry by creating new revenue streams for auto OEMs through data monetization and expanded service opportunities with 3rd party developers.

Mercedes-Benz  premiered it completely new infotainment system in the guise of the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Security Analytics by Splunk

Splunk Inc. , announced that Daimler, the German automotive group, will replace its legacy SIEM with Splunk® Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security (ES). The group will use Splunk ES as its nerve center for security analytics to gain security insights across the entire organization, including business critical environments such as vehicle systems and manufacturing lines. The company chose Splunk over open source alternatives as part of its strategy to buy best-of-breed solutions rather than build things in house.

The automotive group will use Splunk ES to analyze multiple terabytes of data each day. The team expects to reduce security investigation times from hours to seconds, utilising visualizations to improve analysts’ ability to explore and interrogate data as well as help spot and respond to issues more quickly to limit any potential impact to the business. By committing to a Splunk Enterprise Adoption Agreement (EAA), the company is able to plan security for the future while benefiting from Splunk’s predictable pricing. The flexibility of the Splunk platform was also important; the group expects to realize future value from traditional IT use cases as well as in newly developed digital applications and services, like gaining insights into its connected car fleet or in Industry 4.0 projects.