BMW Connected Works with Google Assistant, Skype Biz, Apple Watch & Alexa

At a news conference, BMW’s CEO recently Harald Krueger confirmed the launches of Skype for Business and Google Assistant for BMW ConnectedDrive. Google Assistant, customers can enable easy and convenient operation of vehicle functions – from their customer’s home with voice-activated speakers like Google Home or while on the move via eligible Android phones and iPhones.

BMW Connected is connected to many digital touchpoints. BMW is the first automaker to offer Microsoft Exchange will allows the ability to edit emails, calendar and contact data. Emails and changes to appointments appear in center display. Users can compose emails and change appointments through voice control in BMW vehicles.

Skype for Business in BMW Conneted allows drivers and passengers can join a Skype meeting through iDrive.

Google Assistant, customers can enable operation of vehicle functions – from their customer’s home with voice-activated speakers like Google Home or while on the move via eligible Android phones and iPhones.

Integration with the Google Assistant adds further breadth to BMW Connected’s digital network, which now features additional voice-controlled and interaction assistants to sit alongside the Apple Watch, Android smartwatches and Amazon Alexa. All of which takes the integration of BMW Connected into the customer’s digital lifestyle to another new level.

BMW Connected offers an array of possibilities when it comes to managing appointments and contacts, route planning and vehicle functions based on their personal mobility agenda. To enable connectivity, the vehicle is linked (via the Open Mobility Cloud) to the digital devices selected by the user.

Customers can now also enjoy the services of their BMW seamlessly integrated into their daily lives via BMW Connected at all times and extremely conveniently from their home. And here the Google Assistant provides another new option. Using voice commands, the customer can check whether the windows and doors of their BMW are closed and how much charge a BMW i3 has remaining, plus ask for information about imminent appointments and required departure times depending on the traffic situation. These inquiries can also be made via the Google Assistant on voice-activated speakers like Google Home as well as eligible Android phones and iPhones.

To activate BMW Connected, all users need to say is “Ok Google, ask BMW…”. They can then follow up with individual questions by voice command, e.g. “When is my next appointment?”, “Send the address to my vehicle”, “When should I leave?”, “What is my remaining range?” or “Is my vehicle locked?”. These functions allow users to optimise personal mobility planning at an early stage and enable comfortable and stress-free arrival at their destination.

BMW Connected will be integrated with the Google Assistant starting sometime  December 2017 in the USA at launch; other countries will follow. Does any one have it working yet? Please let us know in the comments belowl

The BMW Group is committed to building the mobility of the future through its NUMBER ONE > NEXT strategy and is investing extensively in the technologies of tomorrow. As the leading provider of premium mobility, the company is focusing squarely on the needs and wishes of its customers and continues to play an instrumental role in driving forward ACES (Autonomous, Connected, Electrified and Services/Shared) developments.

From mid-2018 Amazon Alexa will be available in all BMW and MINI vehicles in USA, UK and Germany.