Hum Expands Services for Connected Car Device Family for Black Friday

Beginning today Hum connected car service from Verizon Wireless now includes safety score leaderboard, locations of other Hum-equipped vehicles on their account in a single view and service schedule reminders.

The HumX premium hardware package contains a 4G LTE OBD-II reader and a stainless-steel Bluetooth speaker that clips to a car’s visor. The speaker serves as a communications hub, and with just a touch of a button, drivers can connect to Hum customer support functions such as roadside assistance, mechanics hotline and emergency assistance. The HumX Wi-Fi hot spot capability allows up to 10 devices to stream content over the nation’s largest & most reliable 4G LTE network.

The standard Hum offering, Hum+, includes the core set of Hum features like roadside assistance, auto health and diagnostics, driving history, boundary and speed alerts, and vehicle location. Customers now have the option of purchasing Hum+ without a two-year contract at thousands of major retail outlets, or online at

“Everyone on your holiday list can get something out of the new Hum features,” said Michael Maddux, director of product at Verizon Telematics. “New teen drivers can create some friendly competition with the safety score leaderboard, and service schedule reminders benefit those who will resolve to be more organized in the New Year. Hum can help provide a safer and more connected experience on the road during the peak holiday travel season and beyond.”

The Hum app can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store for both current and new customers, and gives drivers access to some of Hum’s basic features, as well as access to a wide range of retail, dining, service and travel discounts.

Hum is compatible with more than 150 million passenger vehicles, 1996 and newer on the road today. For pricing and information, and to check vehicle compatibility, please visit a Verizon Wireless. Thanksgiving/Black Friday offers from Verizon Wireless. Verizon also has Cyber Monday deals .