Cheap 3D-LiDAR from Pioneer

Pioneer has launched 3D-LiDAR,  that uses MEMS mirrors and is less expensive than other LiDAR systems. 3D-LiDAR is a sensor that can precisely measure the distance to a remote object and detect the size of an object. It allows the shape of an object to be determined, making it an indispensable device and the key to autonomous driving.

Pioneer plans to produce the sensors in 2020 and later.

Pioneer is developing a high-performance, compact and low-cost 3D-LiDAR sensor. The 3D-LiDAR using MEMS mirror to be supplied, can be put into practical in-car use in combination with the MEMS mirror, characterized by a small aperture with a lens, and by optimizing the optical design. Pioneer will supply the 3D-LiDAR samples to car manufacturers, ICT related companies and others in Japan and overseas to conduct operation verification for
the comprehensive system which will be put into practical application.

Based on  results, Pioneer will develope the specifications, shape, size and other features suitable for use with each company. It will also continue to develop technologies that utilize the unique digital signal processing method to improve the measurement capabilities of dark-colored and distant objects (in case of the laser light received by the LiDAR is very low), something that has been considered difficult with conventional types of LiDAR.

Ultimately, Pioneer plans to install 3D-LiDAR sensor in vehicles with Level 3 or higher autonomous driving technology on general roads, and applied in next-generation GIS service.

Pioneer  exhibited  3D-LiDAR at the Tokyo Motor Show. Using the sensor and map, Pioneer will also develop/propose an efficient maintenance/operation system (“data ecosystem”) which automatically collects surrounding information from passenger vehicles and then updates and distributes the map data for autonomous driving.