CES Awards Nissan LEAF, Continental, Innoviz, PiLOTHUD, Ray, Raven, AR4, AWARE, TI mmWave & NeOse Pro

CES announced the its 2018 Innovations Awards, there a some interesting winners in the categories of smart cities, in-vehicle audio, vehicle intelligence. Technology covers everything from mosquitoes to identifying animals, sniffing out smells and seeing what’s behind a vehicle.

BEST OF INNOVATIONS Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology 2018 Nissan LEAF, Nissan Motor Company

Nissan LEAF is much more than an electric vehicle – the 2018 Nissan LEAF is the most technologically advanced vehicle in the world. With Nissan’s global reach and LEAF’s overall accessibility, the 2018 Nissan LEAF is the surest equation for realizing a better tomorrow.

In-Vehicle Audio/Video

Continental’s Ac2ated Sound speakerless vehicle audio system provides a new 3D sound experience. The innovative technology replaces conventional loudspeakers with a system based on actuators to create sound by exciting certain surfaces in the vehicle, just like the functional principle of string instruments. It exceeds consumer and customer expectations with its excellent acoustics and reduced system weight and spatial volume.

Panicsafe Emergency Locator and Fast Charger

PanicSafe is a safety companion for everyone on the road. Designed with a combination of GPS tracking, a built-in G-sensor, and Bluetooth technology, this smart device can automatically alert your loved ones during a car accident or in any situation when drivers/passengers are in need.

A.I. Mobility Platform

A.I. Mobility Platform presents a smart, thoughtful, and interactive binocular 3D UI based on the Deep Personalization technologies that infer user preference, bringing wonderful user interaction experience and Joy-of-Driving to the driver.


The PiLOT is a revolutionary after-assembly market HUD which is far ahead of the other products currently available in the market. The well-defined image with amazing features such as ultrahigh brightness, clarity and see-through will provide you an unrivaled driving experience.

Ray Digital RearView Mirror & Dash Camera

Ray has incorporated a top-notch rear-view camera and a LCD screen display into its system. Ray’s field of the view is superior to that of a traditional rear-view  mirror thus reducing blind spots and enhancing traffic safety by providing a clear real-time images of your surroundings.

Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies

Continental’s CAirS is a highly integrated air supply module that simplifies vehicle installation and conserves energy. To ease installation, the compressor, valve block, electronic control unit, and temperature and pressure sensors are all in one compact module. Its small size reduces weight by as much as 25 percent of conventional components and decreases vehicle energy consumption, which supports more sustainable and ecological mobility.

Raven Connected Car Solution

2018 CES Innovation Awards Honoree -Raven, the all-in-one connected car solution for drivers and their families, is now available for pre-order. Raven is the first comprehensive automotive technology (vehicle-to-everything) solution that connects users with their cars, pairing an in-car device and mobile app to offer on-road assistance and alerts, round-the-clock remote monitoring and more.

Daily commuters, car lovers, professional drivers and their loved ones are all types of people that Raven will benefit. Product features and capabilities include:

  • Hand gesture controls.
  • Speeding alerts & real-time road advice.
  • Road & weather condition updates.
  • Next-turn navigation.
  • Vehicle diagnostics.
  • Video inside and outside of vehicle.
  • 24/7 security monitoring.
  • Fuel efficiency & driver safety reports.
  • Social-sharing capabilities.
  • Eye-level displays.

Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology

InnovizPro High Definition Solid State LiDAR.

Innoviz’s LiDAR technology leverages the company’s proprietary System, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and Detector designs to deliver the industry’s most accurate and longest-ranging autonomous vehicle sensing capabilities. The company’s groundbreaking, solid-state design enables it to deliver LiDAR in a more compact, reliable device that provides higher performance than other LiDARs currently on the market. InnovizPr™, a development platform designed to provide auto manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers and technology companies with the most advanced LiDAR available for testing and development, will be available in the first quarter of 2018.

InnovizOne, the company’s automotive grade LiDAR device for levels 3 – 5 autonomous driving, will be available in 2019.

Smart Cities

Best of Innovations AR4 AI Security Camera-Recognizes Faces Cars and Animals

Amaryllo International B.V.won for AR4, the revolutionary A.I. security camera. AR4 is the first AI security camera embedded with high-power CPUs with cloud data mining to actively seek and recognize human faces, bodies, vehicles, animals, etc. without local computers. It works with others to share data and form a large cloud network to fast track intruders in seconds.

Aware Audible Wayfinding for blind and visually impaired

The AWARE app works with iBeacons, to provide indoors and out doors turn by turn navigational directions and location descriptions crafted with a visually impaired focus and plays in real time where and when it matters.

IOT and ecoresponsive Anti mosquitoes unit ’SMARTBAM’

We discover the indirect impacts of larvicide treatment for mosquito control. These treatments caused up to 75% less natality in swallows…Faced with this environmental problem and the global sanitary issue of mosquito control, we decided to create an eco-responsible solution.

mmWave radar sensors

TI’s new highly integrated, single-chip millimeter wave (mmWave) radar sensors portfolio includes five devices across two families of 76- to 81-GHz sensors designed for automotive and industrial applications with a complete end-to-end development platform.

NeOse Pro, the first connected and universal digital nose

Connected and universal odor sensors. Based on a unique combination of technologies (optics, biochemistry, electronics and IT), NeOse Pro allows the detection and identification of 400+ odors via their interactions with biosensors inspired by human olfaction.

Best of Innovations Poly Micro Store

A self contained fully working retail store unit. The Poly Autonomous Store uses technologies normally found in self-driving cars to offer a checkoutless shopping experience where you can grab items and go! Bringing fresh local products to offices, campuses, and public spaces near you.