Voyomotive Offers Data Analytics GateWay for Developer Partnership

Voyomotive announced the launch of its Data Analytics GateWay program.  GateWay enables industry partners to develop novel applications using advanced telematics data acquired from a wide range of vehicle models.  The data provided by GateWay is critical for parties interested in applications for AI, machine learning, autonomous cars, fleet management and consumer services.

As GateWay Partners, companies can access data that is typically not available from OEM or aftermarket telematics systems and includes information on vehicle health, driver behavior, weather conditions, and activation of key safety systems.  The program is scalable and designed to facilitate a Partner’s development process from research through commercialization.  Gateway Partners can also use Voyomotive telematics controllers to field test their applications.  For commercial applications, licenses are available for the Voyomotive Web and App APIs.

“The Voyomotive platform provides a robust capability to acquire telematics data but is also highly adaptable and can be programmed to a Partner’s unique requirements,” said Peter Yorke, Voyomotive’s CEO.  “GateWay provides developers with an efficient, cost effective pathway to invent, develop and commercialize their applications.”

Modern vehicles produce terabytes of information, the vast majority of which is out of reach to developers.  Voyomotive’s hardware acquires a wide array of advanced vehicle information and employs edge computing programs on its proprietary hardware to process raw data and transmit relevant information to the Cloud.  In contrast to using multiple incompatible OEM telematics systems, Voyomotive simplifies analytics by providing Partners with a universal interface and standardized data taken from vehicles varying by make, model and year.

“The transformation of our ride ahead in transportation and automotive is a function of our ability to take advantage of data,” said Walid Negm, chief technology officer at Aricent.  “While design is the craft of connecting people, products and spaces, data is the medium for relationships. To bring new value developers will need to be armed with telematics, statistics and learning algorithms to solve for driver safety, insurance, car/ride sharing and intelligent transportation use-cases. GateWay is a great example of digital automotive technology that will become integral to producing a high fidelity perspective of a vehicles environment.”