Update to Drivemode 6.0 with Location Sharing Works with Waze, HERE, Google

Drivemode (PRNewsfoto/Drivemode)

Drivemode, announced that the major 6.0 update to their Drivemode App will include location sharing, a user-requested feature. The app also allows for voice responses to text messages.

Drivemode’s smart driving display app includes driver-friendly features such as voice-to-text messaging, music player overlay on navigation, “Do Not Disturb” mode, message auto-reply, and personalized travel recommendations.

Regarding this new functionality, Drivemode Co-Founder and CEO Yo Koga said, “At Drivemode we want to make the road safer and we know that drivers who are less stressed will contribute to a safer driving environment. When you are running late or just on your way to meet someone, being able to quickly and safely share your location with a friend or family member can reduce anxiety over a late departure or unexpected traffic. As more people are on the road during the upcoming holidays, we know friends and family will also be happier knowing where you are and when they can expect you.”

To initiate location sharing, a Drivemode user simply taps on the new “Share Your Location” card on the Dashboard and selects a contact. The driver’s location is then sent to the selected contact. Drivemode has designed this feature to be optimally used while in the act of driving, unlike other apps which offer similar functionality. This feature marks the next big update to the Android app, showing that the pace of innovation in automotive technology will not be slowing any time soon. Drivemode’s Android App has 1.2 million downloads in 150 countries and is available to download free.

Drivemode Co-Founder and Product Manager Jeff Standard said, “Our team is extremely active in the Drivemode community and we take feedback from our users very seriously. During our beta testing of the location sharing feature, we implemented community recommendations to create a great user experience. We love how passionate Drivemode users are and look forward to building Drivemode together with them.”

Features of Drivemode Smart Driving Display App

Drivemode simplifies how you use your phone while driving. With a streamlined interface to safely access your favorite applications, Drivemode’s voice-enabled commands and large buttons let you to focus on driving. Use voice-control, a broad swipe, or a single tap and move seamlessly between applications.

  • Reply to a message or text using voice commands
  • Overlay your favorite music player on top of a navigation app
  • Ignore calls or messages in “Do Not Disturb” mode
  • Set up text message auto-replies
  • Automatically launch and close with Bluetooth pairing
  • Configure to automatically launch when you start driving
  • View your driving history
  • Get personalized recommendations over time based on your activities, calendar, and favorite places
  • Share your location with your contacts

Drivemode’s simple interface can integrate many of your favorite apps, including:

  • Navigation apps like Google, Waze, HERE Maps
  • Music apps like Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music, Player.fm, Poweramp
  • Messaging apps like SMS, Facebook Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp
  • Google Now and Google Assistant

Use Drivemode to easily upgrade your current car to a smarter car, for rental or loaner cars, and keep your preferences consistent from vehicle to vehicle. Commuters, professional or part-time drivers, car-sharers, and road-trippers can all make Drivemode part of a better, safer driving experience. Drivemode is an automotive-grade interface designed and developed to adhere to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration safety guidelines for driving apps.

Drivemode enables smarter, safer, connected driving in any vehicle.Founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs from Zipcar and Tesla Motors, Drivemode is working to fundamentally change the way consumers use technology in the car. Drivemode offers a mobile-based connected car platform through a consumer-facing Android app, driver assistance and analytics for fleet managers, and a bring-your-own-device connected car solution for automakers.