Halloween Safe Driving Trips: Avoid Distractions & Nightmares

Whether your Halloween plans entail a trip to a ghoulish gala or a chance to transform into your favorite celebrity for the night, GEICO urges drivers to remember the following tips to help stay safe on the road.

Drinking and driving is a frightening combo

Driving impaired – by alcohol or marijuana – will cause loss of coordination and will cloud your judgment. That could put you at a heightened risk for an untimely visit to the ER. To help avoid that, GEICO recommends:

  • Arrange a safe ride for the evening: Plenty of options are available, including public transportation, a designated sober driver, rideshare services or cabs.* It’s worth spending a few extra dollars for a safe ride home rather than the cost of a DUI. DUI costs can swell into the thousands according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
  • Take your time: Your body can only process small amounts of alcohol at a time. Remember to pace yourself, and take time to grab a bite to eat and some water in between alcoholic beverages.
  • Look after others: If you’re hosting a Halloween party, keep an eye on your guests. Remember that you, the host, could face charges if a partygoer drives drunk and causes an accident with property damage and injuries.

Stay on high alert for pedestrians

Trick-or-treaters may visit your neighborhood in droves, and some could be tough to spot if they’re wearing a dark-colored costume. If you’re driving at this time, be prepared:

  • Obey the speed limit: Stick to the speed limit, or even below it. It will give you more time to react if someone steps out from between two cars or another unexpected spot.
  • Pay attention to crosswalks: Pedestrians who have entered a crosswalk, or who have a walk symbol at a stoplight, have the right of way. Drivers must yield to them according to NHTSA. Even if a pedestrian continues crossing after a walk symbol has expired, a driver still needs to wait.
  • Leave distractions out of the driver’s seat: Sending a Count Dracula GIF might be a fun Halloween surprise, but doing it while behind the wheel is a dangerous move. Phones and all related distractions can cause drivers to miss objects and pedestrians – such as trick-or-treaters stepping out into the street.