Connected Car Crazy — Teen Safety Quote?

This week is National Teen Safety Week, we have reported several new stats about the problems associated with teen driving.

Teens are learning to drive and get into accidents. If they have a good relationship with a parent who guides them, they drive better.

A new study conducted by Liberty Mutual Insurance and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), reveals that a third of all teens surveyed (33 percent) perceive it to be legal to drive under the influence of marijuana in states where it’s been legalized for recreational use.

Teens of all ages look to their parents as role models say Dr. Gene Beresin and Mike Sample.

Teens rate their personal mobile devices as the number one source of distraction behind the wheel (46%).

The majority of teens would prefer that their parents monitor their driving behaviors (57 percent) versus their online search history (16 percent). In fact, 50 percent of teens would be willing to let their parents monitor their driving habits (through a mobile app or built-in car technology) if they knew it would help save money on car insurance.

To combat teens driving while drowsy parents can be have conversations and teens can sign contracts.

NSC and TIRF suggest a three-step, multi-year licensing system that applies to all new drivers younger than 21 rather than only drivers age 18 or younger.

The above Connected Car Crazy Caption is not that crazy because parents are suing Apple for not disabling FaceTime on iPhone while driving.

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