Auto-ISAC Looking for Partnership for Vehicle Cybersecurity

The Auto-ISAC announced that it is accepting participation from strategic partners to support the Auto-ISAC’s mission to develop an enhanced information sharing community focused on vehicle cybersecurity awareness and collaboration across the global automotive industry.

 The strategic partnership program involves working together across the Auto-ISAC membership to provide education, improved threat intelligence, greater collaboration and coordination, and learning through workshops and exercises.  Strategic partners work with key automotive industry personnel in a collaborative environment where partners can:
  • Provide timely information that is anonymized;
  • Disseminate insights into threat and mitigation strategies;
  • Share research and analyze impact;
  • Foster education across the automotive community;
  • Provide best practices and educational awareness through exercise and key sharing events; and,
  • Enable development of professional and trusted relationships among peers and subject matter experts to protect the whole of the automotive industry.

The Auto-ISAC offers three Partnership Programs:

  • Innovators – Solutions providers that sell cybersecurity products and services across the automotive industry;
  • Navigators – Industry associations and non-profits with complementary missions to the Auto‑ISAC; and,
  • Collaborators – Government, academia and research organizations.

“These Strategic Partners are essential in supporting the prevention of cyberthreats to vehicles,” said Faye Francy, Executive Director, Auto-ISAC. “Sharing their expertise and working together will make our industry stronger.”

Strategic partners receive numerous benefits, including opportunities to engage with Members through webinars and other forums, priority access to sponsorships and participation at Auto-ISAC Summits and access to Auto-ISAC TLP White and Green reports. Each strategic partner develops a specific work program with the Auto-ISAC to ensure a mutually beneficial engagement is developed.

Interested organizations can apply for Auto-ISAC Partnership Programs at