Self-Driving Autonomous Car Riders Will Look Out Windows, Relax and Be Stress Free?

Automated driving turns cars into drivers freeing up time in the car. With new technology in the future, cars will drive themselves. Bosch claims because the cars will obey the laws they will make driving safer.

Bosch surveyed consumers to see that they think they would do in  self-driving cars. Their results were not as creative as AUTO Connected News’ suggestions but it does look like most consumers expect to do relaxing activities.

Many want a self-driving car to take away stressful driving duties. Drivers are particularly interested in handing control over to the car during parking or in traffic jams, according to a recent survey on behalf of Bosch in Brazil, China, Germany, France, Japan, and the U.S.. The majority of the drivers surveyed would use the time during which the car drives itself to look out the window, enjoy the scenery (63 percent), and talk to passengers (61 percent).

The connected car of the future – which will completely relieve drivers of the need to steer, operate the gas pedal, and brake – is primarily seen as something useful for long distances (67 percent) and leisure travel (61 percent). The majority of those surveyed expect a significant increase in terms of convenience (68 percent) and safety (60 percent) in many everyday situations such as searching for parking in cities. The survey also reveals an interesting ranking of the most desirable automated driving functions: parking was named particularly frequently (65 percent), as were the automated search for parking in downtown areas (60 percent) and stress-free navigation of traffic jams (59 percent).

Of those surveyed, 63 percent said they would like to relax while their car is in self-driving mode. Having more time for conversations and for passengers thanks to automated driving was equally important to respondents.

The options offered by automated driving make cars more attractive for many consumers. More than half of the participants (54 percent)  survey agreed with this statement. Especially for male respondents, new technologies are an important selling point, with 52 percent of the men surveyed saying that self-driving technology would increase their interest in buying a new vehicle. In principle, the younger the driver, the greater their interest in buying a car with automated driving functions.

Roughly 6,000 licensed drivers in six countries were surveyed by Lightspeed Research.