IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Software

IBM announced a new data protection software that is easy to set up, easy to manage and helps simplify data recovery. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus can be set up quickly making data protection available in as little as one hour.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is offered for two different deployment options, either as a stand-alone software installed into virtualized environments or as an integrated function with IBM’s market leading Spectrum Protect software, which can be used by large enterprise clients with diverse data protection and availability requirements. Further, IBM Spectrum Protect’s hybrid cloud capabilities can rapidly move data from on-premises back-end storage to public or private clouds.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus provides data availability using snapshot technology for rapid backup, recovery and data management. Designed to be used by virtual machines (VM) and application administrators, it also provides data clone functionality to support and automate DevOps workflows. Unlike other data availability solutions, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus also has data protection and monitoring based upon automated Service Level Agreements to provide backup status and support retention compliance.

“IBM has been a leader in data protection for many years, so it should come as no surprise that as production platforms and business expectations continue to evolve, so would the IBM offerings,” said Jason Buffington, Principal Analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. “IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is aimed to address a few of the most critical data protection challenges facing IT organizations of all sizes: Virtualization and Recovery Agility. With its SLA-centric design, organizations have a refreshingly new and compelling alternative for modern data protection and availability.”

Further differentiating IBM Spectrum Protect Plus and the integration with IBM Spectrum Protect are features engineered to address business challenges for key stakeholders:
For CIOs it provides a single view of the backup and recovery status across the data portfolio and eliminate silos of data backup and recovery.

For Senior IT Manager (VM and Application Administrators) can rapidly self-serve their data availability without complexity. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus also provides an ability to integrate the VM and application backups into the business rules of any enterprise.
For Senior Application Business Line Owners perspective it offers data lifecycle management with near instantaneous recovery and copy management and global search for fast data access and recovery

Specifically designed for virtual machine (VM) environments to support daily administration and deliver robust data protection, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus rapidly deploys without agents and features a simple, role-based user interface (UI) with intuitive global search for fast recovery.

“Without availability data is little more than an obligation. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus has been designed for easy setup, easy management and easy recovery that puts the emphasis of data control and management where it needs to be for end users”, said Ed Walsh, general manager, IBM Storage and Software Defined Infrastructure. “The result is simplified backup administration through a single platform, which is especially important for VM-focused data backup, archive, and retention.”


IBM Spectrum Protect Plus will be featured in IBM’s booths at both VMWorld North America and VMWorld Europe and in an upcoming webinar. The solution will GA in early Q4 2017 as a stand-alone product for virtual and cloud environment data protection, as well as integration with IBM Spectrum Protect.