Connected Car CC: Where did the flying autonomous connected Google/Waymo cars go?

We were wondering what happened to those old self-driving Google cars. YOou know those cute marshmallow self-driving things they couldn’t go very fast they were called low speed vehicles (SLV).  Some called them marshmallows or as Google called them “Fireflies“. The experimental vehicles that slowed down traffic in Mountain View, could get new lives as home decor.

We searched wide and far to try to find where those autonomous self-driving connected cars cars would go. Then we looed at peoples photos on Pixaby. When we saw this photograph on Pixabay, it mad us wonder. Since the Waymo cars were called “Fireflies” maybe one flew was also a flying car and flew right into this house or one day.

Currently, Google/Waymo  has chosen to use real cars actually real mini vans Chrysler Pacifica minivans to do their testing which are bigger and probably wouldn’t fly into the gable of a house.

Google self-driving Lexus gave a Valentine’s gift to a transit bus in Mountain View–it hit the bus not with long kiss but with a slow steady sideswipe.

That Valentine’s Day crash in which a self-driving Google robot car sideswiped a bus maybe for a Christmas present one flew into a house.

A Google SLV was once pulled over by the police for driving too slow. We know of no instances where it was driving too high, or driving while “high.”

If they were called Fireflies maybe they did fly. Who knows some people say “I will get an autonomous car when cars fly…”


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