Tesla X Hacked & Patched

Before the release of new Tesla 3 models and a rise in stock prices, Tesla vulnerabilities were found by Keen Security Lab which could implement arbitrary CAN BUS and ECUs remote controls on Tesla Motors vehicles with the latest firmware.

The researchers found:

  • Realized full attack chain as they did in year 2016 to implement arbitrary CAN BUS and ECUs remote controls.
  • Discovered multiple 0Days in different modules. Currently, Keen Lab is working with Tesla and related manufactures on assigning CVE number of the vulnerabilities.
  • Tesla implemented a new security mechanism “code signing” to do signature integrity check of system firmware that will be FOTAed to Tesla motors in Sept 2016. The code signing was bypassed by Keen Lab.
  • The “Group lighting show of Model X” in the demonstration is technically arbitrary remote controls on multiple ECUs at the same time. It shows Keen Lab’s research capability on CAN BUS and ECUs.

Keen Lab has followed “responsible disclosure” process to reported all security vulnerabilities and related exploitations to Tesla. Tesla Product Security Team has verified and confirmed all the bugs in our report. Security patches have been made and updated to motors via FOTA efficiently in July.

The team warns researchers not to try hacking or breaking into vehicles at home.