Lyft Opens Self-Driving Division

Lyft is opening its own self-driving division, which is developing an open self-driving system (open SDS). An announcement made by VP Engineering at Lyft via Medium describes the details of Lyft’s plans for Level 5 autonomous driving.

This news builds on the announcement Lyft made earlier this year, when it created the world’s first open self-driving platform. Lyft’s self-driving vehicles will operate on that network, alongside vehicles introduced by Lyft partners. In the years ahead, they plan to continue to bring the world’s leading automotive and technology companies onto this single platform to serve a nationwide passenger network.

Vincent claims it will be Lyft’s That’s why 10% of our engineers are already focused on developing self-driving technology — and we’ll continue to grow that team in the months ahead. Their efforts will be housed in a brand-new development facility in Palo Alto, which we are calling the Level 5 Engineering Center.

We believe Lyft is in the best position to demonstrate what a great overall user experience can be. Lyft is also uniquely

Lyft claims that is has significant scale, which enables us to rapidly train our self-driving system. Lyft wants to add more sensing capabilities to Lyft vehicles, which makes it possible to build High Definition 3D maps, while quickly collecting training data for self-driving cars at large scale.

Because it is open platform, partners’ efforts to create a future transportation ecosystem with both human and computer drivers.

Vincent stated that he joined Lyft earlier this year because he wanted to make our world a better place