Teens’ Summer Promise for Safe Driving – Avoiding Deadliest Days

Summer is usually the time for outdoor fun, family vacations and relaxation. Sadly, the number of crashes involving drivers ages 16-19 increases dramatically between Memorial Day and Labor Day, making these the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers.

National Foundation for Teen Safe Driving has launched Summer Promise 2017, a new campaign designed to help teens and adults learn about the facts that underscore the heightened importance of safe driving choices during the summer months. Each week the campaign will focus on a different topic to help both teens and adults understand the risks, how those risks impact their safety and the safety of others, and the proven methods and smart choices to mitigate those risks.

NFTSD is working with auto dealers, dealer associations and related industry partners to help raise awareness of the facts, and share life-saving messages throughout the summer. Youth participating organizations, schools, community associations and other youth serving organizations are invited to join the campaign. NFTSD provides all campaign templates to anyone supporting the campaign, free of charge.

As part of the initiative, NFTSD will lead weekly discussions, provide tips, and publish articles from leading safety experts. From now through Labor Day, we will share interesting perspectives that can help you understand why this deadly trend continues, and how taking small steps will result in great strides. In addition to providing important safety information, you’ll also have a chance to win some great gifts compliments of National Foundation for Teen Safe Driving.

“We want teens to have a fun, safe and enjoyable summer,” states Roy Bavaro, NFTSD executive director. “We also realize that engaging teens in a meaningful discussion about safe driving can be challenging at any time. That’s why we’ve added a weekly prize giveaway drawing to have some fun and entice participation.”

Summer Promise 2017 is about making a promise to yourself.  Spend a few minutes each week and join the discussion that’s focused on your safety.  Then soak up the sunshine, laugh with friends, enjoy the little things, and have some fun.  Most important, always be safe, especially when driving.  Returning home safely is the Summer Promise you make every day. Keep your promise.

To learn more about the campaign and prize giveaways, visit www.SummerPromise2017.com

Inexperience is the primary factor that contributes to teen crashes. A study conducted by The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that inexperience paired with greater exposure on the road could create a deadly combination for teen drivers.  It’s study, Rates of Motor Vehicle Crashes, Injuries, and Deaths in Relation to Driver Age, analyzes crash rates per mile driven for all drivers and found that for every mile on the road, drivers ages 16-17 years old are:

  • 9 times as likely as drivers 18 and older to be involved in a crash
  • 6 times as likely as drivers 18 and older to be involved in a fatal crash
  • 5 times as likely as drivers 30-59 to be involved in a crash
  • 2 times as likely as drivers 30-59 to be involved in a fatal crash

But it’s not just inexperience alone.