Elektrobit & NXP Launch Dev Platform for Automated Driving: BlueBox & EB robinos

Elektrobit and NXP Semiconductors announced a collaboration to deliver a development platform that integrates the NXP BlueBox Automated Drive Development Platform and Elektrobit’s EB robinos software framework for highly-automated driving systems. This joint solution will make it easier for automakers to develop highly-automated driving functionalities.

Automakers face significant hurdles in the quest to bring self-driving applications to market efficiently.  Solutions to problems like how to route multiple streams of automotive sensor data quickly and reliably, how to tackle complex software development in-house and how to create differentiation, are in high demand. These challenges were top of mind when long-time partners EB and NXP developed the combined hardware-software solution, which delivers unique benefits to carmakers.

EB robinos is the first comprehensive, hardware-agnostic software framework that enables carmakers and automotive suppliers to develop and bring to market increasingly automated driving features and manage the complexity of advanced in-car systems. It features

  • a functional, standardized architecture equipped with open interfaces plus software modules for a variety of different driving features and functionalities.
  • a modular approach that can accelerate the development of automated driving features, integrating the highest functional safety and error management mandatory for automated driving.
  • artificial intelligence that makes advanced situation detection and path planning functionality possible.

NXP BlueBox

  • is a comprehensive autonomous vehicle computer that meets the stringent safety, power and processing performance requirements of the global automotive industry.
  • Processes the multiple streams of complex sensor data in real time. EB robinos software framework routes these streams to the NXP BlueBox engine, where hardware and software fuse them to create a complete 360° world model around the vehicle.

The availability of EB robinos for NXP’s BlueBox means that applications can be run on the hardware via the EB robinos open interface specification. This saves time and enables a proper buildup of functionality. W

Together, NXP and EB are providing automakers with a powerful, competitive advantage, allowing them to dramatically accelerate the development of highly automated driving features, with a critical emphasis on the highest levels of functional