Bollinger Motors Reveals Interior with Tubular HVAC & Electrical Outlets

Bollinger Motors revealed what the dash will look like in it’sall-electric sport utility truck (SUT).  It  looks like it is going to be the first truck on the makret that totally green, running solely on electricity with the ability to provide electricity for power toosls, lamps or whatever is needed for craftsman, campers or even notebook computer users.

The interior is minimalist by design. The vehicle’s generous use of aluminum continues into the occupant cabin and is featured along the instrument panel (IP). The IP has four prominent circular gauges including a multi function LED display which signals various vehicle warnings as well as vehicle status and system information; a mechanical speedometer with an odometer inset; a unique mechanical tachometer which displays the revolutions per minute (RPM) of the drive motors; and a mechanical battery level indicator. All of the gauges have chrome bezels, black backgrounds and white numbering and lettering giving the IP a clean and classic look.

On the level below the gauges, a switch panel provides control of the lights, climate settings, wipers, winch, suspension height, and the all-wheel-drive system’s locking differentials.

Topped with a 3-spoke, leather-wrapped steering wheel, the steering column incorporates a traditional mechanical PRND lever and key insert as opposed to a touch screen or push button starter.

The HVAC system employs an industry-first, 3-section, rotating tubular vent system which sits atop the dashboard and runs the length of the windshield. In keeping with the B1’s overall hands-on design directive, occupants roll the tubes to direct airflow either toward themselves, toward the windshield or somewhere in-between, creating an infinitely adjustable climate tool.

110-volt power outlets have been placed throughout the truck so operators can use the onboard electricity to power handtools, lights, or other equipment, eliminating the need for a backup generator.

The B1 has been designed and engineered from the inside-out to be a hardworking truck as well as a rugged off road machine, so to keep occupants protected the cab of the Bollinger B1 is constructed of high strength low alloy (HSLA) steel for added safety. The cab also has other unique features that will be unveiled this summer.

“Owners can configure this truck in a lot of different ways. It’s all part of our philosophy to make a multi-purpose tool that you’re totally in control of,” says Robert.

The Bollinger B1 will make its global debut at a media event this summer in Bollinger Motors’ home state of New York.
Started in 2014, Bollinger Motors is a US-based company creating the world’s first 100% electric sport and utility truck with best-in-class ground clearance, torque and traction.