How to get an Uber or Lyft without a smartphone, by touchtone landline or dead battery phone

There is now a service for calling a Lyft or Uber ride sharing service using a regular touchtone phone or a phone without a data plan.

RidePIN announced the official launch of the first version of their ride sharing service, designed to make transportation accessibility easier, safer and more reliable.

RidePIN is the first service of its kind that allows users to book a ride with Lyft and Uber by simply making a phone call and entering their unique Personal Identification Number (PIN). The launch of RidePIN should help make lives easier for visually impaired users and people who are less technologically savvy.

RidePIN users can connect directly with their driver using RidePIN services to ensure a safer and more reliable pick up.  In addition, RidePIN also sends SMS notifications to the user with live status updates. Riders will be able to link their existing ride share accounts (i.e. Uber and Lyft), create a unique PIN number, and even add other riders, such as family and friends, to one singular account. Account holders can then call RidePIN from any touchtone phone, enter their custom PIN, provide a pick up and drop off location and be safely on their way.

RidePIN was created by Valentin Malinov, the company’s founder who came up with the idea in downtown Los Angeles when he needed to get a ride back home, but the battery level on his phone was dangerously low.  The same way electric car owners feel “range anxiety” when worried whether they will be able to reach their destination on a low charge, Malinov experienced what he calls “destination anxiety”, a phrase which he coined to describe the fear of not being able to get safely home – a feeling he did not want to be reminded of again.

“The idea behind RidePIN is to help people who are stranded, and to enable people who do not partake in ride sharing experiences (such as the elderly and disabled),” says Malinov. “RidePIN was designed to empower them to make use of these services since they have been disenfranchised – until now.

Discussing his future plans, Valentin Malinov also mentioned that future releases of RidePIN will enable users the ability to request rides via SMS, Email and buy-in options that will grant the user access to more of RidePIN’s special features.


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  1. where is the phone number to contact uber for an elderly individual with no access to or knowledge of use of a cell phone? a person with only a landline in her home?

  2. i lost my phone in an uber i can’t remember my password and I’m using an old computer and landline …….can someone help?

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