Geneva IMS Connected Car Concepts & Tires

Connected car and tire concepts at the Geneva Motor Show show some future ideas for self-driving cars, flying cars and intelligent tires. Volkswagen’s robo-taxi Sedric is a living room on wheels. The Pop.Up is a ground and air concept vehicle. The Mercedes-AMG GT Concept is a four-door luxury sports concept. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company showed some new concept tires with AI and sensors.

Volkswagen’s Robo-Taxi Sedric

VW showed Sedric a self-driving mobile living room SUV or robo-taxi a level 5 autonomous car. Sedric is the pioneer, and it is the “Father” of numerous concepts for a new form of individual mobility. Soon Sedric will also get “children” and “grandchildren” with VW Group’s various brands. They will be created in typical designs for the brands and will feature tailor-made and customer-specific characteristics for equipment.

Just press the button – and Sedric comes along, precisely at the time indicated in advance. Sedric recognizes its user and the two-part door opens. The opening is wide and high, making it easy for passengers to get in even with luggage. There is plenty of room for bags and suitcases in the generously proportioned interior.

When a passenger gets into the car, they can talk to Sedric. Passengers can talk to Sedric about the destination, how to get there, the driving time, the current traffic situation, perhaps even a short break on the way – users can talk to Sedric like they would with a personal assistant. While you are on the road, you can choose exactly what you want to do. The windscreen is a big OLED screen with augmented reality serves as a communication and entertainment center – but passengers can also close their eyes, sit back and relax.

Flying and Land Rolling Car Pop.Up Ground & Air