HERE in 100M connected cars, Pioneers with Pioneer & Updates Apps

HERE announced that the number of vehicles sold worldwide with HERE maps on board has surpassed 100 million. HERE is also working with Pioneer to deliver global mapping and next gen location-based services to the automotive industry. There have also been updates to the HERE WeGo app for Samsung Gear and WhatsApp.

The Future of HERE is Here

This 100 millionth vehicle mark began with the 1994 BMW E38, one the first European cars to ship with an embedded navigation system, complete with a map of Germany supplied by HERE, then known as NAVTEQ.

From their basic, luxury-car roots, in-dash navigation systems have undoubtedly matured since then. Increasingly sophisticated, more user-friendly and highly connected, today these systems access all types of data, aggregated and processed in the cloud, to help drivers navigate their lives.

In 2016, roughly 48 percent of new vehicles sold in North America and Europe shipped with embedded navigation systems, compared to about 30 percent just four years earlier. With the auto industry aspiring to build cars that drive themselves, HERE forecasts the adoption of embedded technologies will grow even faster.

Soon maps and location technology contribute to making more independent driving decisions, feeding data directly to the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) of the vehicle and bypassing the driver altogether.

As its camera or radar scans the near environment, the car will have access to a cloud-based map that is scanning the road ahead —  beyond the reach of its on-board sensors. This means the car gets more time to plan for upcoming lane configurations, changing traffic conditions or road hazards.

Legacy navigation systems direct people from point A to point B reports HERE. The new generation of in-car systems bring context to the dashboard, anticipating driver needs and preferences, surfacing the information needed for a given situation and reducing unnecessary output.

Without the driver even asking, modern systems recognize the daily commute, including stops for coffee and fuel along the way, and offer advice and alternatives if traffic or road closures mean the regular route is unavailable.

Pioneering with Pioneer

By linking their complementary mapping and automotive technologies and assets, HERE and Pioneer plan to enable fully integrated global SD (standard definition) and HD (high definition) mapping solutions at a scale and quality-level unmatched in the industry.

The goal to support new innovations for customers in in-vehicle infotainment and autonomous driving as well as in any industry where location intelligence can be applied.

HERE and Pioneer’s mapping subsidiary Increment P Corporation (IPC) intend to use each other’s SD map data in existing and future products and services, with HERE data able to support IPC’s global customers, and IPC’s map data able to support HERE customers in Japan.

HERE and Pioneer, both developers of HD mapping, have autonomous driving in their sights too. Through their partnership, they plan to offer a globally-consistent HD map solution that supports automotive and other industries across all markets around the world.

Pioneer and HERE are also exploring the development of new services that use the real-time data of connected Pioneer devices.

The first services developed harnessing the data could come to market as early as 2018, and the data may also be used to enrich solutions such as the real-time crowd-sourced data services for drivers, powered by the HERE Open Location Platform (OLP).

HERE WeGO in WhatsApp

HERE WeGo can now be used alongside WhatsApp. When somebody shares a location in WhatsApp (using the + symbol next to the text entry field), you’ll receive a map within the message thread. When you tap the map, the ‘Choose application’ box will pop up, choose to use HERE WeGo and our app will automatically show the destination.

HERE WeGO for Samsung Gear S3

The update of the HERE WeGo app for Samsung Gear S3 includes public transit information and a companion mode for your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, making it easier to get around.HERE WeGo for Gear S3 app offers navigation on your smartwatch, letting you glance at your wrist to see where you’re going. The initial version already packed in maps and turn-by-turn directions, and the new version includes public transportation.