Connected Car New Tips: car2Go, Mercedes-Benz, QSFP, MuHu, Nokia, ClearMotion, u-blox, OpenSynergy, CrimeStoppers & ProcessMap

In Connected car news tips and annoucements this week come from car2Go, Mercedes-Benz, QSFP, MuHu, Nokia, ClearMotion, u-blox, OpenSynergy, CrimeStopper and ProcessMap.

car2Go Shares Mercedes-Benz CLA & GLAs

car2go car sharing in North America,  introduced of the first new 2017 model year Mercedes-Benz CLA and GLA four-door, five passenger vehicles. car2go anticipates that Mercedes-Benz vehicles will comprise the majority of its North American fleet by the end of 2017 with thousands on the road.

car2go is the first, only carsharing service offering Mercedes-Benz vehicles for one-way carsharing.
Austin, Portland, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver and Washington, D.C. area are first North American locations to experience 2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA and GLA car2gos; more U.S., Canadian locations to ride in style in 2017.

The launch of CLAs, GLAs follows very popular car2go Mercedes-Benz three-city pilot program.
Every 3 seconds a car2go trip is taken in U.S., Canada – over 32 million trips since launch.

56 Gb/s Cooper Cable from QSFP

As one of the first manufacturers of QSFP copper cable systems, Leoni, the leading European provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, has now succeeded in transferring 56 Gb/s per channel across passive DACs with NRZ modulation. Prototypes with 1 & 2 m transmission lengths have shown outstanding electrical properties in tests up to 56 GHz.

Leoni’s solution promises major cost-saving potential for network operators and their equipment suppliers: NRZ-modulated 56 Gb/s systems allow a passive infrastructure to be retained in computer centres. There is no need for active strengthening of switches and servers with additional electronics, making it possible to save a lot of energy. Furthermore, tests and simulations can be run with existing equipment. And 200 G is only the beginning. Many computer centre operators and component manufacturers are going for active components with additional electronics in the connectors when it comes to next generation-wiring up to 400 G across short distances.

MuHu Offers Smartphone/Tablet Monitoring of Transportatin Driving

MuHu, Inc. announced the launch of MuHu, the first mobile app and platform as a service (PaaS) to deliver dual live streaming, on-demand video, and unsafe driving alerts directly to the cloud. Now, safety- and budget-conscious transportation businesses can leverage smartphones and tablets to gain a complete picture of what’s happening on the road, all in real-time, empowering them to proactively prevent crashes and protect themselves from liability.

The MuHu ecosystem features:

  • An open video platform as a service (VPaaS)
  • Intelligent video analytics, powered by deep learning and big data
  • A self-healing mobile app

The simple app download means drivers can be up-and-running in just five minutes. And, since MuHu is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution, fleets can avoid proprietary hardware and drilling into their vehicles.

Today, the MuHu driver app captures up to 4K resolution video on Android devices; an iOS app expected in Q2. Video and GPS data is then streamed to the cloud-based MuHu Live fleet management portal.

The MuHu Live web portal and app deliver fleet managers G-sensor alerts, safety and performance analytics, and, coming soon, ADAS alerts. Now, managers can remotely view live video and search video clips for an accurate picture of safety events

ClearMotion Funded for Digital Chassis That Replace Shock Absorbers

ClearMotion, Inc., an automotive technology company developing the world’s first digital chassis, announced today a $100 million Series C preferred stock financing led by clients advised by J.P. Morgan Asset Management, with participation from New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Qualcomm Ventures, World Innovation Lab (WiL), and Eileses Capital. This round brings the company’s total investment to date to over $130 million.

ClearMotion’s “digital chassis” technology replaces traditional automotive shock absorbers with software-controlled actuators, allowing cars to interpret and react to road conditions in real time. The system combines an unmatched level of comfort with the response and agility of a sports car. ClearMotion’s actuator technology pushes and pulls the wheels at high speed, delivering a calm and relaxing ride experience in what otherwise may be disturbing conditions. Proprietary software algorithms have enabled the commercial viability of the system while maintaining dramatic gains in performance.

Nokia IMPACT More Features

Nokia announced updates to its Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things (IMPACT) that can be used for smart parking, smart lighting and transportation/automotive.

The latest version of the Nokia IMPACT IoT Platform provides new capabilities and a suite of pre-integrated applications that allow customers to easily create and deploy secure revenue-generating IoT services. New features of the Nokia IMPACT IoT platform include:

NB-IoT and LoRa Connectivity: Building upon existing Lightweight M2M (LWM2M) and Category M1 (CAT-M1) device support, interfaces to both licensed NB-IoT and unlicensed LoRa networks provide customers with additional IoT network efficiency improvements via low-power wide area networks (LPWAN).

Video Analytics: Powered by Nokia Bell Labs’ machine learning algorithms, IMPACT provides new functionality for a range of IoT applications by automatically detecting anomalies in video feeds in real time, such as traffic accidents, speeding vehicles and unauthorized entry into secure locations, and triggering alerts for further action.

Smart Parking Application: Allows municipalities to better manage inventory, resulting in more efficient use of parking spaces, reduced traffic and pollution; provides drivers with real-time information on parking space availability and streamlines payment processes.

Smart Lighting Application: Enables municipalities to optimize electricity use and reduce costs through real-time inventory management; automatically detects lighting issues and failures to help ensure maximum uptime.

Vehicle Applications: Enables predictive maintenance, fuel efficiency, supply chain optimization and geo-fencing solutions triggered by vehicle data, including fuel levels, speed and GPS location. This data can be collected from a Connected Head Unit or an aftermarket (ODB2-based) device.

u-blox Intros JODY-W1

u‑blox announced the launch of JODY‑W1, a host‑based automotive‑grade module. The new module enables real simultaneous dual band (RSDB) operation for faster, concurrent Wi‑Fi connectivity on the 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless bands.

 As it also supports both dual‑band Wi‑Fi with 2×2 MIMO 802.11ac and dual‑mode Bluetooth (Bluetooth/Bluetooth low energy) 4.2, JODY‑W1 is ideal for in‑vehicle‑infotainment and telematics applications requiring high data rates and concurrent connectivity, such as in‑car hotspots, Wi‑Fi screens (e. g. Apple CarPlay) or video streaming across multiple clients.

Fully tested engineering samples will be available in Q2 2017.

Crime Stopper Remote Contorl/Security

CrimeStopper, an industry leader in 12 Volt aftermarket electronics specializing in vehicle security, remote start systems, and safety products, announced that the new TELE-CONNECT smart control App for remote start and security systems is now available.

The CrimeStopper TELE-CONNECT is aversatile and complete telematics system utilizing a smartphone solution in order to stay connected with your vehicle from anywhere in the world. Using the TELE-CONNECT app, you can control your vehicle’s doors, remote start your engine, control auxiliaries, and even find your vehicle’s location. In order to use TELE-CONNECT on your vehicle, a TELE-CONNECT module and compatible remote starter or security system must be installed in your vehicle (professional installation required; go to for compatible remote start systems).

TELE-CONNECT is compatible with iPhone iOS 9.0 or later (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch), and Android (Android 4.1 and up) . The product includes “Remote Start, Keyless Entry, and GPS with 1-Year service is also included with purchase.”

TELE-CONNECT telematic features include:
• Communication status
• Battery voltage status
• Vehicle start and stop
• Vehicle runtime status (select remote start systems)
• Lock / unlock doors with door status indicator
• Locate vehicle (GPS Map)
• Auxiliaries (AUX1, AUX2, AUX3, AUX4)

OpenSynergy’s 1st Software Hypervisor

OpenSynergy, a developer of embedded automotive software for in-car cockpit solutions, is developing the industry’s first software hypervisor for the ARM Cortex-R52 processor, ARM’s most advanced real-time safety processor. The hypervisor turns any chip based on the Cortex-R52 into several virtual machines capable of simultaneously executing separate software tasks.

The hypervisor technology enables several real-time operating systems and AUTOSAR systems at different ASIL levels to run in parallel on the Cortex-R52.

To address increasing software complexity in devices such as autonomous vehicles and industrial control systems, this approach allows for the isolation of safety-critical functions from those that require less stringent control. In addition, it enables the consolidation of applications onto fewer electronic control units (ECUs) to both manage complexity and reduce cost.

u-blox LTE Cat 1

u‑blox maker of wireless and positioning modules and chips, will provide the first LTE Cat 1 modules with voice over LTE (VoLTE) support certified for the AT&T cellular network. The TOBY‑R202 and TOBY‑R200 modules will support a broad range of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Both cellular modules operate on LTE bands 2, 4, 5 and 12. In addition to VoLTE, they also feature voice support via circuit switched fallback (CSFB) for legacy 2G and / or 3G networks in areas where LTE is not available. TOBY‑R202 provides fallback on 3G bands 2 and 5, while TOBY‑R200 provides global 2G and 3G fallback.

The two u‑blox TOBY‑R2 LTE Cat 1 modules support a myriad of IoT and M2M applications requiring voice over the LTE Cat 1 network, such as automotive emergency handling and roadside assistance and smart payments .

Fiat Chrysler Uses ProcessMap Montioring

ProcessMAP Corporation, announced that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V., has adopted its software to monitor the company’s safety and environment performance.

FCA will leverage ProcessMAP’s GRI-certified sustainability platform to manage its global performance metrics for safety and environment management.