Genesis Apple Watch and Android Wear apps with Intelligent Assistant

Genesis announced Genesis smartwatch apps and Intelligent Assistant applications. The all-new Genesis Intelligent Assistant app now adds Apple Watch and Android Wear integration. The custom-designed app is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play. This all-new app adds to the innovative digital experience already available to Genesis owners, with Amazon Alexa integration and the website.

The ability to send remote commands to Genesis vehicles using a smartwatch and voice commands lets drivers tell their Genesis cars what to do:


  • Remote start with climate control.
  • Remote engine stop (only available when vehicle is in remote start mode).
  • Remote door lock/unlock.
  • Remote horn and lights / lights only.
  • Car finder.
  • Vehicle status.
  • Parking meter.

The Genesis Intelligent Assistant app combines new convenience and vehicle management features from Genesis Connected Services with car care services, making it easier to access connected features and owner resources. The Genesis mobile app was created for owners to learn about their new car, schedule a valet service, prepare for their driving experience and more. The app is also designed to improve the user experience with features including proactive notifications (like ideal remote-start times) linked to their calendars, the ability to play how-to videos, view vehicle diagnostics and send a destination to the car’s navigation system. Also, certain features and additional services can be accessed through the new owner website. Genesis Connected Services are complimentary for the first three years of ownership.

By providing commute information and access to their smartphone calendar, owners can have their Genesis app automatically estimate appropriate departure times and send reminders for any upcoming appointments that require driving. Departure reminder messages are determined by up-to-the-minute commute times from the user’s current location to the destination, accounting for traffic.

Genesis owners can also take temperature control to a new level, with temperature variance notifications, remote start to pre-heat or cool the car and outside temperature detection based on zip code prior to departure time.

In addition, recommendations for gas stations are provided, allowing owners to select a station and send the location to their Genesis’ navigation system. A vehicle health status will also be communicated through the user’s smartphone when an action is required to allow owners to schedule car care for their Genesis directly from his or her app.

Here is a list of Genesis Connected Services:

  • Available on the owner’s smartphone, the app combines Genesis Connected Services and car care tools.
  • Schedule valet service, send reminders and educate owners about their vehicle.
  • Saves owners time during the pre-drive and pre-service periods
  • Simple user interface for fast navigation.
  • Home screen shortcuts help users navigate main features.

Educational Features:

  • Dashboard indicators
  • FAQs
  • Manuals
  • How-to videos

Service Features:

  • Schedule service valet with pickup and drop-off of complimentary Genesis loaner vehicle.
  • Recommended maintenance schedule.
  • View Monthly Vehicle Health Report.
  • Service history.
  • Recall notifications.
  • Active diagnostic codes.
  • Contact Genesis.
  • Genesis dealer locator.
  • Call roadside assistance.

Genesis Connected Services Features:

Connected Care Package:

  • Automatic Collision Notification (ACN) and assistance
  • SOS Emergency Assistance.
  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance.
  • Monthly Vehicle Health Report.
  • Maintenance Alerts.
  • Automated Diagnostic Trouble Code Notification (DTC).
  • Service Link.
  • Genesis Mobile App (smartphone, smartwatch).
  • On-Demand Diagnostics.
  • Driving Information.

Remote Package:

  • Remote start with climate control.
  • Remote door lock/unlock.
  • Remote horn and lights.
  • Genesis Alexa Skill for Remote Access Features.
  • Car finder via Genesis mobile app.
  • Stolen vehicle recovery/slowdown/immobilization.
  • Vehicle safeguard alerts:
    • Geo-fence
    • Valet alert
    • Speed/curfew alert

Guidance Package:

  • Destination search powered by Google.
  • Destination send-to-car by Google.