HERE mobilizes partnership with Mobileye & 10% sold to new investors

HERE is in the news for its new partnerships. HERE and Mobileye, announced plans for a strategic partnership that links their respective autonomous driving technologies into an enhanced industry-leading offering for automakers.

10% of HERE Sold Over There

Audi, BMW and Daimler is planning to bring connected car services to China. They have partnered with Chinese internet company Tencent, digital map provider NavInfo and Singaporean investment firm GIC, who will acquire a 10 percent stake in HERE the digital mapping company which Nokia sold to Audi, BMW and Daimler-Benz for $3 billion, last year.

Mobileye and HERE Deal

The Mobileye and HERE intend to pursue  collaborative initiatives.

Mobileye’s Roadbook will be integrated as a data layer in HERE HD Live Map, HERE’s real-time cloud service for partially, highly and fully automated vehicles. Roadbook™ information will provide an important additional layer of real-time contextual awareness by gathering landmark and roadway information to assist in making a vehicle more aware of – and better able to react to – its surroundings, as well as allow for more accurate vehicle positioning on the road.

Mobileye will utilize the HERE Open Location Platform for the ingestion and processing of raw sensor and observation data (Road Segment Data, RSD), and the creation and dynamic maintenance of its Roadbook products. The HERE Open Location Platform is the next generation of HERE’s location platform, developed to support the ingestion, enrichment and processing of real-time location-based data for multiple industries, including the automotive industry.

HERE will utilize RSD, as well as the Global Roadbook (GLRB), collected and aggregated from certain vehicle brands equipped with Mobileye technology to support change detection and the maintenance of HERE HD Live Map. Detecting changes in the real world and adjusting the map accordingly is critically important for automated vehicles to plan better driving strategies. With more sensor data available from car manufacturers equipped with Mobileye’s REM technology, the HERE HD Live Map will be updated even more quickly, achieving very short Time to Reflect Reality.

The two companies also intend to explore other potential opportunities where their products and services are complementary to further support automotive companies in advancing their autonomous driving and mobility strategies generally.