AutoMobility LA navigation with Traffic Light Assist on the eHorizon for Continental

ehorizon_connected_site_440y320-onlinedataInternational technology company Continental is hitting the road to AutoMobility LA, November 14-17, in Los Angeles. Continental will demonstrate its Traffic Light Assist function of its cloud-based dynamic eHorizon innovation. In addition, Continental Executive Vice President of Infotainment and Connectivity Johann Hiebl will participate with a panel of navigation experts to share how Continental is using data from the cloud to predict the road ahead.

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Continental’s Traffic Light Assist function knows when the next traffic light will turn red by utilizing eHorizon’s ability to receive and process real-time updates based on data from other vehicles’ sensors and traffic information sources. This enables eHorizon to factor in dynamic changes to the route such as traffic lights, congestion, accidents and weather conditions, resulting in considerable fuel savings.

“Allowing the driver to know the road ahead makes for safer driving, but the human eye alone cannot detect what is on the other side of a winding road,” said Hiebl. “Continental’s eHorizon technology and Traffic Light Assist function allows the vehicle to warn the driver of any obstacles and traffic stops, even before they could notice themselves, making for safer and more fuel efficient travel.”

By utilizing the cloud and swarm-intelligence for real-time data, eHorizon and its Traffic Light Assist function increases comfort and safety with early notification and a better understanding of the road ahead. If a vehicle or obstacle is a potential hazard to the driver, a visible warning will appear long before the driver or vehicle sensors recognize the issue. This gives the driver time to maintain an informed and smooth driving experience, even through curves and hills. In addition, driver assistance systems, such as braking and steering, can be ready for traffic situations long before the vehicle sensors detect them.

Dynamic eHorizon can enhance a driver’s senses

Another essential function of dynamic eHorizon is its ability to be integrated with Continental’s latest audio management system, Functional Audio, to create or modify sounds based on the data received. Functional Audio combines all audio sources of a vehicle and can directly transform eHorizon data into audio signals. This is known as sonification or auditory display. Converting data into sound can, for example, help guide a driver’s attention. This integrated solution guides the driver’s attention to what is most important. For example, the information from the eHorizon can be converted to a sound played from the right side only if the driver needs to be focused on that side of the road. With the combination of dynamic eHorizon and a smart Human Machine Interface, Continental is creating a digital co-pilot by enhancing the driver’s natural senses.

Hiebl will discuss these latest innovations and how Continental’s eHorizon uses cloud and crowd intelligence to enhance the digital map with fresh and accurate information during the New Frontiers of Navigation panel. The discussion is Wednesday, Nov. 16 from 3:15 p.m. to 3:55 p.m. in the Technology Pavilion at the LA Convention Center. Panelists will cover a new global address system, door-to-door mobility, autonomous HD mapping and more.

Stop by Continental’s booth for the Traffic Light Assist display and to learn more about how the company is navigating the future of connectivity.

A merge between the LA Auto Show Press & Trade Days and the Connected Car Expo, AutoMobility LA, features an all-new Technology Pavilion with more than 50 automotive technology exhibits, including a virtual demonstration of Continental’s Traffic Light Assist.