BMW Connected does Android, iPhone, Apple Watch 2, Gear S3 & knows its drivers’ touchpoints

p90237797_lowres_bmw-connected-10-201 bmwmarwatchpxBMW is expanding services and devices for BMW Connected. The update of BMW Connected will be compatible with the new Apple Watch Series 2, Amazon Echo/Alexa, Android and Samsung Gear S3. The whole system is designed to work seamlessly on the street, sidewalk and in the vehicle.

Using its Open Mobility Cloud, BMW Connected connects touchpoints like smartphones and smartwatches with users’ cars, integrating the car into their digital lives. It uses an intelligent BMW ID based on a user’s travel patterns over time to give BMW Connected users a personalized experience over all available touchpoints (places, activities, appointments, etc)

Customers will be able to access information such as driving times based on current traffic, as well as a map showing the navigation destination on the Apple Watch, and use that information without having to take out their smartphone.

BMW Connected will work with Alexa will also allow users in Germany, US and the UK to control vehicle functions from home such as remote start or battery check.

With BMW Connected, mobility begins before the user gets into the car and does not have to end when they find a parking space. Last mile navigation displays the route users need to take from their car to their final destination on their mobile device. And the new update to BMW Connected also sees users benefiting from first mile navigation—the route back to their vehicle is now accessible via BMW Connected.

BMW Connected provides seamless integration of the consumer’s daily digital life with their vehicle – a personal mobility companion. Starting in October, customers will also be able to use BMW Connected on selected high-end smartphones running the latest version of Android. We check Google Play and the new version is not available, yet in the United States.

BMW Connected, focuses on end-to-end journey management seamlessly integrated with the vehicle. BMW Connected facilitates the daily planning of trips and appointments, and enable users to reach their destination stress-free and on time.

BMW Connected for Android makes it easy to search for, store and recall destinations. Appointments with addresses are automatically imported from calendar entries. Users are then informed of their optimum departure time based on real-time traffic information. Frequently visited places and personal mobility patterns are automatically learned in order to provide notifications to the user if travel times are longer than usual. Destinations can easily be transferred from the phone to BMW’s navigation system to eliminate typing in the vehicle. Besides all this, the familiar BMW Remote Services are also available for BMW Connected Android version, allowing a variety of functions – such as the interior climate control, vehicle locking and unlocking, and operating the horn and headlight flasher – to be controlled remotely from a smartphone.

In addition to support for popular Samsung smartphones, Samsung will port BMW Connected into the Tizen ecosystem as well as the direct integration of the technology into the latest Gear S3 smartwatch. With BMW Connected users can get alerted when it’s time to leave for their next trip, check their fuel level, unlock their BMW, and more – all directly from the Gear S3 watch face.

New filter functions allow BMW Connected to be adapted even more precisely to personal needs. For instance, searches for charging stations for BMW i models or vehicles with plug-in hybrid drive systems can be refined using criteria such as the charging method involved, membership in the ChargeNow network, and the accepted payments. Charging stations which do not meet the selected criteria are not shown. Users can also access more information on their vehicle, such as the tire pressure and engine oil level.

The new BMW Connected visual design increases ease of use, with upgraded graphics that sharpen the focus on the desired information. In order to increase the run time of the devices in use, BMW Connected now also offers an additional mode which preserves battery life.

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