AEB & self-driving features cause car wash problems

protectwashNew autonomous and safety systems can cause unexpected hassles and delays for carwash-bound vehicle owners, whose cars become virtually immobilized at the facility’s entrance, according to a new report from car-shopping site

Released in the midst of Fall Car Care Month, the report identified dozens of domestics and imports that require owners to manually deactivate computerized safety systems before proceeding through the soap and suds.

“Collision detection, auto hold braking and other technologies are coming to every car as standard equipment by 2020,” said BestRide Editor-in- chief Craig Fitzgerald. “Consumers have no idea about the unintended consequences of these technologies on simple, everyday tasks. We want drivers to be informed before they get to the car wash.”

From entry level models and ultra-luxury sedans, to compacts and SUV’s, the number of affected new vehicles is extensive, and includes Acura, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, RAM, Range Rover, Subaru, Tesla, Toyota and Volvo. released a comprehensive list of the adjustments you need to make before entering the car wash.

If the Volvo XC90 reaches a full stop for more than three seconds, the braking system automatically engages all four disc brakes to keep it from rolling either forward or back.

Specific car problems in car washes can be found on the infographic supplied by

The International Car Wash Association  organization addresses the situation by providing a comprehensive Special Needs Vehicles guide on its website.

Car wash providers would like it if the industry developed a standard way to disable the features in car washes.