Porsche, BMW, Chevy, Phoenix, San Diego & LA have the most aggressive connected car drivers

automaticAutomatic has launched a new version of its OBD-II adapter with services by adding unlimited 3G data for five years. Formerly Automatic devices were Bluetooth-only and connected to a smartphone in the car. Automatic Pro is designed so that any car made after 1996 can be a connected car.

Many other OBD port data/services charge for service such as Zubie that costs $99.95 a year and Mojio that has free service for the first year and costs $4.99 thereafter.

The new adapter costs $129.95 and features real-time vehicle location tracking, new Crash Alerts,  app integration the Automatic App Gallery and engine light diagnostics. It allows the user to track connected car data without a phone. Meanwhile, the price of the Bluetooth only Automatic: Connected-Car Adapter, Engine Diagnostics, And Crash Detection, Compatible with Amazon Echo went down to $79.95

Automatic is also rolling out a brand new Automatic app for iOS and Android with

  • Notifications.
  • Built-in IFTTT integration.
  • Automatic App Gallery for smart home features and  business reports for mileage and reimbursements.

When  Automatic Pro detects a crash. The receives a notification, with an option to cancel the alert. An Automatic response agents call the driver. If  the driver need help, Automatic will request emergency services and contact your loved ones. Crash Alert is unavailable if the adapter is damaged, or if there is no cell or GPS signal

Automatic data is already helping drivers and cities by supplying data such as

  • Silicon Valley as a whole is the lowest in emissions per car. In contrast, San Antonio emits 150% more per car than Silicon Valley.
  • Porsche and BMW are the most aggressive drivers on the road, with Chevrolet representing the most aggressive American-made car.
  • Southern cities are more aggressive than northern cities. Phoenix is the most aggressive on US highways, followed by San Diego, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Tampa, and Las Vegas. Northern cities like Seattle, Boston, Boise, and Spokane are the least aggressive.

Automatic offers cloudservices to the largest players in the automotive industry, working with 5 of the top 10 insurance companies and partnering with car manufacturers and auto clubs like AAA.