Lexus says no to CarPlay & Android Auto–yes to Telenav Scout GPS with iPhone/smartphones

scout_toyotaFirst Toyota, now luxury brand Lexus. Last year, Toyota selected Telenav’s Scout GPS Link for its brought-in navigation, being the only OEM brand to outwardly reject Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

Lexus is not only saying no to Apple and Android, but will be making Scout GPS Link available in 5 of their top-selling models.

Telenav announced that luxury vehicle brand Lexus will begin offering Scout GPS Link in its most popular and best-selling models: Lexus RX, Lexus IS, Lexus ES, Lexus NX and Lexus RCF equipped with Lexus Display Audio.

Powered by the smartphone and designed for the car, Scout GPS Link is a brought-in navigation solution truly optimized and tailored for the in-vehicle experience. As a brought-in solution, navigation and location-based services features on the smartphone are transferred to the vehicle’s multimedia display. The free smartphone app will soon be available on the Apple App store and Google Play. Connecting the app to the vehicle head unit is also a complimentary service provided to Lexus owners

The availability of Telenav’s Scout GPS Link customized for Lexus allows the company to further enhance the driver’s in-car experience. The navigation and search features are easily accessible via voice commands, as well as the Lexus rotary dial system.

“We are delighted that Scout GPS Link is Lexus’ brought-in navigation service of choice,“ said Sal Dhanani, president of Telenav’s Automotive Business Unit. “As a leader in this burgeoning world of connected mobility, connected car and location-based services, we understand and are aligned with Lexus’ desire to deliver a high quality experience coupled with providing drivers the luxury of convenience and safety.”

“The addition of Scout GPS Link means we are now offering navigation and search features in all Lexus models, from the entry-luxury segment through the highline,” said Jeff Bracken, Lexus group vice president and general manager. “We’re excited to be working with Telenav to bring this connected experience to drivers of our top-selling and most awarded vehicles.”

Scout GPS Link features available in select 2017 Lexus vehicles include:

  • Seamless usage between phone and car: Scout GPS Link is fully functional outside the car with the mobile app, and transfers the experience to the car via Bluetooth® connection for a safe, drive-friendly search and turn-by-turn navigation experience.
  • Simultaneous multimedia function: Drivers can enjoy multiple functions such as taking phone calls or listening to music, without disrupting audio navigation.
  • Fast and convenient: Drivers can get on the road faster with easy rotary dial access to the Scout GPS Link home screen on the multimedia display. Search results, navigation routes, favorite locations and nearby points of interest are readily available in the car and on the go.
  • Easy-to-follow directions and display: Voice-guided navigation with easy to see turn-by-turn views is designed to offer safer navigation without distraction.
  • Enhanced search capabilities: Drivers can find the best places to eat and shop, get gas, and more, with intelligent, conversational search commands and quick access popular search categories.
  • Voice activation and search commands: Points of Interests, addresses, real-time traffic based turn-by-turn navigation and audio-guided navigation are all accessible by using simple voice commands. Drivers can keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

Scout GPS Link will be included in the following award-winning 2017 Lexus models, which begin arriving at Lexus dealerships this fall:

  • Lexus RX: Best-selling midsize luxury CUV and Lexus’ No.1 seller
  • Lexus NX: 2016 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Pick
  • Lexus IS: 2016 Best Resale Value for Luxury Brand
  • Lexus RCF: 2015 World Luxury Car of the Year Award Finalist
  • Lexus ES: 2016 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Pick Plus


19 thoughts on “Lexus says no to CarPlay & Android Auto–yes to Telenav Scout GPS with iPhone/smartphones”

  1. Currently I am a happy IS300h driver with only one niggle, living with the cumbersome infotainment system. Recently, I tried Apple CarPlay in my son’s VW…, exactly what I want…..tunein radio as I drive and Google maps….motoring perfection…..make a call with Siri instead of dialling through 1700 contacts for the one I want…..sorry Lexus, offer Apple CarPlay or I go elsewhere next time. BTW, have you seen the VW Smart Connect Dataplug which is free to VW owners? Why on earth don’t Lexus offer us something similar? Sadly, in the space of a few months Lexus have switched from being one of the most forward thinking and dynamic car manufacturers to being just another manufacturer of yesteryear with their head stuck in the sand of the past. WAKE UP LEXUS!!!

  2. As most of the previous posts have stated EXTREMELY DISSAPPOINTED that Lexus will not offer Apple Car Play AT ALL!! I’ve owned Lexus vehicles for the past fifteen years and have always been in awe of their technology offerings. Now with this bone-head decision to NOT offer Car Play, I think I just bought my last Lexus. Their reasoning for not offering it is at the bare minimum MORONIC and makes no sense! It’s boils down to $$$$, always does and sooner or later someone will figure out why.
    Goodbye Lexus…Hello Genesis!!!

  3. Not only no Car Play or Android Auto… but apparently my 2017 Lexus IS and my LG G4 can’t get along… phone calls are ridiculously staticky. Dealership took a look and said my phone is not compatible…. how can a $50k+ car not have bluetooth that works with all current phones? Anyone else having this issue?

  4. I am coming to the end of my 4th Lexus RX 350, time to upgrade to a new model. No Android or iPhone native support, means no Google Maps or more importantly Google Maps Traffic which is by far the best around. Instead I will need to look at Mercedes options as they do support Google Maps.

  5. We were in the market to buy a new Lexus SUV. No apple CarPlay no new Lexus SUV Totally dumb Move by Toyota. What were they thinking. So disappointed. Thankfully there are other good choices,

  6. Luckily, CarPlay is terrible. I use Waze or Google Maps exclusively, but CarPlay only works with Apple Maps. Since Apple Maps is terrible, the lack of carplay isn’t an issue for me.

  7. I bought a Lexus RX Premier, thinking this was all singing and dancing. Not only does it not have CarPlay but the Lexus app portal does not communicate with the vehicle either. Still awaiting a reply from Lexus after 3 months.

    • Toyota claims they are protecting data, privacy and safety. It’s not like you don’t have any smartphone connections at all.

  8. I’m ready to buy an RX 350 but I see that the 2017 does not have Apple CarPlay very distressing since currently will use our phones on our 2010 RX 350 which we love but the phones have no place outside of being attached to a wire and falling consistently I’m not sure if fully understand the rationale for not wanting Apple CarPlay

    • My understanding is that automakers don’t want to give up your data to Apple or Google. Also if you have ever used CarPlay, although it’s designed to be not distracting, you can send email and text messages. When I was in a demo car with CarPlay I would ask Siri too many questions. I sent unnecessary texts which kept my mind off the road.

  9. This is one of the dumbest moves by Lexus. THey should support bot Car Play and Android Auto. I just bought a 2017 RX450h and almost backed out because of this. I love the Lexus autos and have owned 5 of them. This may be my late if Lexus does not get with the program and support industry standards and customer’s phone. Wake we use our phones for everything and don’t want to use some lesser technology than what we have in our pocket.

  10. Was about to buy a lexus rc f and no android auto support. Walked out and looking again……. we want to use our phones. Nothing is better than Google maps people.

  11. stupid lexus, im have a 2016 rx and disappointed to found out they don’t support apple car play after i have already purchased the car. I am looking forward to hear good news about this feature, but I am very upsad now. My next car won’t be a lexus until it have more advanced technologies for a car that cost 50k and up.

  12. Am looking for Carplay, and since Lexus apparently will NOT support it, they will lose me. I’ve purchased 4 High End Lexus RX and RH models since 2000 (one every 4 years) but a friend just purchased a 2017 Honda SUV, less money, more features.

    Too bad, I like the dealership, like the reliability of Lexus, but am ready to have current technology. Apparently I am no longer in their target market.

  13. I was shocked when I walked into a Lexus dealer ready to buy a Lexus and they didn’t have car play. Looking for another car

  14. I use Apple Carplay and love it. I guess I my next luxury car will not be a Lexus, which I love, because it doesn’t support Apples Carplay

  15. Wow, this seems a risky move. I wonder why they think Telenav can provide a better experience than AndroidAuto. I use AA every day in my VW and it is excellent. The voice recognition, navigation, search, audio entertainment options, all seem highly functional.
    This is a confusing move, imho.

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