SYNC 3 brings CarPlay & Android Auto for all Ford 2017 models

All 2017 model-year Ford cars, SUVs, light trucks and electrified vehicles to offer available SYNC® 3 voice-activated communications and entertainment system with popular smartphone integrations
All 2017 model-year Ford cars, SUVs, light trucks and EVs with SYNC 3 voice-activated communications Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Ford will be offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for all 2017 model cars, trucks and electric vehicles. While other automakers such as Kia and Hyundai offer a confused maze of what models have what smartphone integration features. However GM, Chevy and Buick launched Android Auto and CarPlay throughout its lineup last year.

Ford calls its approach platform-centricrolling the software out for SYNC 3 plus Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. And future, over-the-air updates via Wi-Fi will help ensure it keeps up with the latest technology.

Android Auto brings Android into the car for music, messaging Google Maps, calendar integration and phone functions using the touchscreen or the Ok Google through the voice button. Read Android Auto Tips & Tricks.

CarPlay works through Siri with simple large icon interface for music, phone calls, messages, email and maps. New mapping and more Siri integration are expected with iOS 10. Read CarPlay Tips. Read the crazy things you can ask Siri while driving.

“We developed one platform – SYNC 3 – and have been able to quickly offer the technology across our lineup,” said Chuck Gray, Ford Global Director, Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering. “Customers considering a new vehicle can now choose any 2017 model year Ford car, SUV, light truck, or electrified vehicle with SYNC 3 and be able to access their favorite apps.”

Popular models like the Escape, Fusion, Mustang and Explorer are already available as 2017 model-year vehicles at dealerships and others like the F-150, Focus, Edge and all-new 2017 Super Duty will arrive later this year.

No matter model as long as the vehicle has SYNC 3 car buyers will know that it is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

SYNC 3 features all-new hardware and software for faster and more intuitive performance and more conversational voice recognition to help people easily connect to their smartphone and access a variety of features, including hands-free phone calls and available navigation.

Apps such as Spotify, Pandora, Ford PASS, AccuWeather and AAA member services have been added through SYNC AppLink.

Android Auto and CarPlay integration were announced at CES, earlier this year.
Ford is offering a free emulator for Ford SYNC 3 Applink for developers.