HARMAN updates ECUs OTA with NXP Gateways

HARMANnewlogoHARMAN announced the launch of its HARMAN Software Update Gateway product withpartner NXP Semiconductors as the latest addition to the HARMAN Software Management portfolio. NXP’s secured gateway processors, embedded with the new HARMAN update management technology, will enable every ECU, regardless of memory, CPU or network resource, to benefit from secure OTA updates.

OTA updates are now available for all ECUs (electronic control units) including:

  • Advanced Driver Assisted Systems (ADAS).
  • Brakes.
  • Airbags.
  • Windshield wipers.

In the past, updating ECUs in the car required a recall. Today, OTA updates are delivered only to the infotainment and telematics systems.

Now, all ECUs, such as those running advanced driver assisted systems (ADAS), brakes and airbags, can be updated — eliminating the need for OEMs to issue a physical recall and greatly enhancing the consumer’s user experience with HARMAN’s Software Update Gateway and NXPs secured gateway processors.

Also, the software gateway can be installed on any car network gateway using NXP’s secured gateway processors eliminating direct contact with the Internet-connected telematics unit – a feature that greatly enhances the security of all OTA updates.

Every ECU – large or small can be updated with the latest fixes, features and functions that OEMs want to deliver to consumers.

NXP is the world leader in automotive semiconductors and is leading in-vehicle networking processor innovation. The MPC574xG secured gateway processors, are the 3rd generation device family in this market segment and the most advanced gateway processors on the market today, currently being designed into many premium cars.

“The ability to securely update software in the vehicle is essential,” said Jake Alamat, General Manager, Connectivity & Security Products for NXP Automotive Microcontrollers & Processors Business Line. “Adding HARMAN’s software update capability to the gateway processor adds tremendous value for OEMs, who now can update the software on all components of the vehicle with this solution, using minimal overhead while eliminating vehicle downtime during Flash updates.”