Why Apple CarPlay says Hello to WWDC, Siri, Nissan & BMW

carplayoadtriptingautoconnectedcarWe expect that Apple will announce new features in Apple CarPlay at WWDC as the momentum is building with new automakers beginning to offer Apple CarPlay. This week there was a leak about CarPlay for BMW and an announcement from Nissan. Monday is the Apple World Wide Developer Conference and there could be some CarPlay surprises in store.

Great CarPlay Expectations from BMW & Ford

Leaked pricing guides for BMW models showed the X5 M, X6 XM would have a CarPlay open. Another leaked pricing list the   for the 2017 BM M3 and M4 show a CarPlay option for $300. There is no mention if the CarPlay optionis wireless or not. There is no indication of a software update to bring CarPlay for older model cars that have already been released. It may also incorporate newer features in CarPlay.

Ford is expected to update 2016 CarPlay compatible models to CarPlay with a software update.

WWDCimageWWWD CarPlay Update

Last week, we figured out what may be in store for CarPlay at Apple’s WWD conference, enhanced maps with street view, live traffic cameras, pinch/zoom on maps, live weather forecasts, better Siri comprehension and an iOS 10 update. We expect the iPhone 5 or 5S will be compatible with the update. The iPhone 5S was released in September 2012.

Since there is a supposed to be an Amazon “Echo” style device. We expect the device along with Siri could do things that are done in smarpthone apps for cars such as “Siri, start my car and turn on the A/C.” Many predict Siri functions will be open to developers for such tasks.

It has been rumored that the iPhone 7 will lack an AUX port for headphones, therefore we can surmize that Bluetooth audio. The Bluetooth Sig will launch a new and improved Bluetooth standard.

CarPlay currently is simple, intuitive and it works. Read CarPlay Review at GearBrain.

CarPlay to Be Standard on 2017 Nissan Maxima

Nissan’s 2017 Nissan Maxima sedans will come standard with CarPlay and an 8.0-inch touchscreen system. A Nissan suggested that the Nissan model to get CarPlay would be the Murano because it has an 8″ touchscreen, also.

The eighth generation Nissan Maxima is the first Nissan vehicle to add the industry standard in smartphone connectivity.

In addition to Apple CarPlay, the system includes an 8.0-inch color display with multi-touch control, two front illuminated USB connection orts for iPod interface and other compatible devices, Nissan Voice Recognition for navigation and audio, SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Travel Link (SiriusXM subscription required, sold separately), Bluetooth Hands-free Phone System, Streaming Audio via Bluetooth and Hands-free Text Messaging Assistant.

Apple CarPlay is compatible with iPhone 5 or later models. Once connected by the USB cord, iPhone’s display is translated to an automotive-appropriate interface. The Maxima’s touchscreen, knobs and switches can all be used to control the iPhone’s apps, including music, maps, messages, podcasts and audiobooks. Pressing and holding the “talk” switch provides access to Siri voice controls. Third party apps supported by the Maxima Apple CarPlay system include iHeartRadio, At Bat 2 (MLB.com), Spotify, Stitcher, CBS Radio, Overcast, Audiobooks.com, Audible, Pandora, Slacker Radio, Vox, Clammr, Downcast and NPR.

The NissanConnect with Navigation featuring Apple CarPlay system also features “swipe to meter” functionality, which allows the driver to swipe the navigation map from the center display to bring it up in the standard 7.0-inch Advanced Drive Assist Display (ADAD) within the instrument cluster.

The ADAD display features multiple screen selections, including a Home screen that shows navigation routing, digital speed and audio information on the same screen, giving the driver all requisite information at a glance without having to scroll through separate screens. A Sport screen offers the Maxima driver a unique “Power” meter, which shows actual engine output, flanked by gauges that display oil pressure and transmission oil temperature respectively for the discerning enthusiast. Swipe-to-Navigation is another hidden feature this system offers, allowing the driver to set a route on the navigation screen and then swipe toward the ADAD to bring up the directions.

Maxima Platinum models include standard NissanConnect with Navigation and Services featuring Apple CarPlay. The system’s wide range of features includes automatic collision notification, remote start via smartphone, emergency call, stolen vehicle locator and more (six-month free trial; services subscription required, sold separately).

NissanConnect Services links users to Cloud Services in three ways – beamed in through radio and satellite, brought in through smartphone and built-in with a cellular network embedded telematics control unit (TCU). That means in the case of an emergency, a touch of a button can connect the user to a live person for assistance. In the case of an accident severe enough to deploy the air bags, the NissanConnect Services agents will connect with the vehicle occupants to determine the level of assistance needed and call for help. Roadside assistance can also be dispatched to your location, whether for a flat tire, out of gas or other situations.

Convenience Services range from Connected and Assisted Search, destination directions downloaded right to the navigation system and even journey planning – with routing of up to five waypoints and destination. Remote Access is another key feature, with help accessible through a compatible computer or smartphone. Services include remote door lock and unlock, remote engine start and remote horn and flashing lights to help find the Maxima in a garage or parking lot.

The system also offers customizable alerts via email, text message or automated phone call. Alerts include vehicle speed, curfew (with available notification to the driver 20 minutes before the curfew alert), valet alerts (more than two miles from drop-off) and geographical boundaries.

All Maxima models are equipped with two illuminated USB inputs with music playback capability enabled through either port. These ports are housed in the media bin on the console, which is large enough to fit an iPhone 6 Plus.