VW regular routes offers alternate routes in Discover Media & Pro

discover_pr0Volkswagen is offering a new feature in navigation systems called Regular Routes that offers suggestions when there is traffic congestion.

In order to make things easier for commuters, Volkswagen has developed a learning-enabled navigation feature known as Regular Routes. The system  automatically “memorizes” regularly driven routes (e.g. to work) and then scans them to see if there are any traffic disturbances. If a jam has been identified along the route, the navigation system will automatically select an alternate route even when in the inactive mode.

Discover Media and Discover Pro radio-navigation systems from Volkswagen come with Regular Routes as a standard feature.

Things would be a lot easier if a vehicle could warn a driver about traffic problems even on familiar routes. This is exactly what Regular Routes does.

After a route has been taken once, it is stored in the navigation system. Up to three of the most frequently driven routes are then listed in the infotainment system in line with the given day of the week and the given time of day. One click is all it takes to display the routes on the system maps.

When drivers touch a route shown on the display, they automatically activate a function that monitors that particular route. The navigation system now operates silently in the background, even if the driver decides to take a different route to the destination. In other words, the system doesn’t issue any instructions. Only if there is a traffic problem along the route will the system then suggest that the automatic active detour feature be engaged. It’s clear that this electronic companion will make even routine trips much more relaxed and easier to plan in terms of time – which is exactly what it’s meant to do