TU-Automotive Detroit: Connected Car News: Covisint, App Carousel, WebLink & Green Hills

tulogoFor TU-Automotive Detroit, there will be many exhibitors, as well as new releases. Here is round-up of announcemnets so far from Covisint, AppCarousel, Albata Tech and Green Hills Software.

Covisint Cloud Platform

Covisint Corporation will showcase the Covisint Cloud Platform at TU-Automotive Detroit 2016 Covisint offers Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for building identity-centric and IoT applications.  These applications empower automotive manufacturers to build innovative solutions rapidly, transforming the ownership experience.  Serving the automotive industry for more than 15 years, Covisint is uniquely positioned to connect the rapidly growing number of people, systems and Internet-enabled devices in the automotive ecosystem.

The Covisint Cloud Platform increases the speed of development, making it possible for automotive manufacturers to innovate quickly.  Covisint’s foundational technologies make it possible for automakers to centrally manage customer personas (identities) and relationships across all connected entities.  In addition, Covisint’s technologies secure the information transported across an ecosystem, enabling connected vehicle, customer experience and dealer intelligent initiatives.

  • Connected Vehicle – Covisint’s Platform helps automakers securely connect data streams from the hundreds of vehicle sensors.  Furthermore, the Platform distributes data securely, in the right format, to the many disparate consumer and automaker applications.  Access to vehicle data allows automakers to build better cars and monetize vehicle telematics through services offered to owners.
  • Customer Experience – Covisint’s Platform supports automakers to place the driver at the center of the ecosystem, engaging customers in a consistent and personalized way across the entire brand.  By securely connecting dozens of omni-channel and disparate digital products, and value added services, automakers can deliver convenient services.  This also increases brand affinity by providing customers with a single persona to engage with across all channels.
  • Dealer Intelligence – Covisint’s Platform supports automakers to gain better visibility across disparate dealer systems.  For dealers, the Covisint Cloud Platform acts as a neutral third party that manages identity.  It also provides data governance so that trusted information can be shared securely between automakers and dealers.  This sharing provides insights into dealer activity for better production forecasting and improving the customer buying and service processes.

Hyundai’s newest vehicle, Ioniq EV will be on display at the Covisint exhibit (C73) at TU-Automotive Detroit 2016.  The Ioniq eco-focused vehicle is the first in the world to offer three distinct electrified powertrains on a single, dedicated vehicle platform.  Hyundai’s approach for the Ioniq line delivers an uncompromising design and driving experience coupled with the latest in safety and convenience technologies, making it an appealing choice for a wide range of buyers.

App Carousel Monetization

AppCarousel, another provider of software platforms for connected vehicles and the Internet of Things (IoT),announced the launch of the AppCarousel Monetization Suite for the automotive market that will be on display at TU-Auomotive Detroit. The Monetization Suite builds on AppCarousel’s already successful Connected Car Platform to deliver the world’s only automotive platform that has a full package of subscriber management and monetization services. The Monetization Suite already securely delivers cloud services to millions of businesses worldwide, and is now being made available to the auto sector.

The AppCarousel Monetization Suite enables automotive manufacturers and their Tier 1 vendors to:

  • deliver and enable all manner of digital assets including apps, content, and software enhancements
  • handle all types of business models including free to use, subscriptions, pay-per-use, paid upgrades and transaction-based models
  • securely bill customers in a flexible manner over-the-air
  • offer a range of global currencies and payment methods
  • create a vibrant ecosystem of developers and content providers
  • manage and pay partners that contribute the apps, content and value-added services
  • manage driver profiles and vehicle entitlements to services, sales of premium software, service provisioning, app and software upgrades, and the cross-selling and up-selling of value-added services

AppCarousel’s Managing Director Terry Hughes and Board Member of the Connected Vehicle Trade Association (CVTA) said: “We have identified that the next wave of the connected car is monetization via enhanced value-added services that are critical to driving brand loyalty for automakers. Drivers are saying that they are willing to pay for high quality in-vehicle infotainment, premium features, and services from their chosen car brand. As the ecosystem of connected car services grows, car manufacturers are in a great position to offer unique features and unlock new revenue streams.”

WebLink Works with SmartDeviceLInk

Abalta Technologies, Inc. announced that it is extending its WebLink smartphone platform to interface with the SmartDeviceLink (SDL) standard, the automaker’s solution for running smartphone applications in the car. Currently supported by both Ford and Toyota, SDL allows automakers to customize the user interface, critical for OEM differentiation and brand loyalty. With the Abalta announcement, consumers can now benefit from an increase in the number of apps and the capability of SDL-enabled vehicles.

Applications within SDL must conform to simple fixed templates. While this approach works quite well for many types of apps, it doesn’t work well for complex apps like navigation. Abalta’s WebLink with SDL fills this gap by allowing all map applications and any other complex apps to easily work with SDL systems.

Abalta’s new technology will also make all existing WebLink applications automatically SDL compliant. Green Hills Software, the largest independent software vendor for the Internet of Things (IoT) and the largest independent vendor of embedded software, will exhibit and deliver technology presentations at
TU-Automotive Detroit 2016.

Green Hills Safety & Security

Green Hills will demonstrate its latest innovations for creating and managing safety and security-critical solutions for automotive.

Green Hills will offer the following demonstrations in booth C149:
Green Hills will demonstrate INTEGRITY® Multivisor™ virtualization technology safely & securely consolidating Apple CarPlay and Android Auto infotainment systems with a safety-critical instrument cluster, running concurrently with GPU-accelerated graphics (OpenGL and OpenVG). The INTEGRITY RTOS and Multivisor guarantee freedom-of-interference between software functions with automotive-grade performance and safety on an NXP i.MX 6 SABRE Automotive Infotainment board.
Green Hills Software will demonstrate the INTEGRITY RTOS and Multivisor platform for the Renesas R-Car H3, featuring fully accelerated 3D graphics utilizing the PowerVR™ GX6650 3D graphics processing unit (GPU) for an INTEGRITY-based digital instrument cluster. The instrument cluster receives prioritized access to the GPU to achieve 60 frames per second, while simultaneously sharing access to the GPU for applications running on a virtualized Linux guest operating system.

Karamba Security is planning a product launch on 6/7 for security.

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