T-U Automotive Detroit Connected Car News: Savari, Sierra Wireless, Movimento, Karamba, Rambus, MirrorLink, WirelessCar, Redpine & Kymeta

tulogoFor TU-Automotive Detroit we have new announcements and/or demos from Savari, Sierra Wireless, Movimento, Karamba, Rambus, MirrorLink, WirelessCar, Redpine and Kymeta.

Savari V2X Safari

Savari hosted by Qualcomm is demonstrating its full suite of solutions with a live demo that simulates real-life automotive traffic scenarios and how in-car V2X applications make driving safer and more efficient.

The demo will feature predictive applications such as Intersection Movement Assist (IMA), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Blind Spot Warning (BSW) and Lane Change Warning (LCW). Savari’s and Qualcomm’s V2X technology delivers superior reliability than other solutions, eliminating the need for cameras that require line of sight, and ensuring lane level accuracy up to 0.6 mi./1 km of communication range. These capabilities make V2X the best suited technology for future transportation initiatives, including self-driving cars.

A pioneer in Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) safety communications technologies, Savari delivers a complete suite of solutions that enable connected vehicles to interact with other vehicles, road side infrastructure, smartphones and pedestrians. With over 400 thousand hours of public testing of its on-board units (OBU), covering more than 15 million miles traveled, Savari is a proven V2X communications technology provider. Savari is also an active participant in major public U.S. smart city testbeds, with over 90 percent of currently installed road-side-units, covering 130 public square miles.

Updates from Sierra Wireless, Rambus and Moviemento

Sierra Wireless  and Movimento  announced a partnership to provide automotive OEMs with an integrated solution to streamline vehicle software installation and updates. Sierra Wireless’s device-to-cloud solution and Movimento’s Over the Air (OTA) technology together provide the industry’s first commercially available cloud-based platform to maintain connected cars.

All vehicles have numerous software programs running on a network of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) that need to be individually managed and maintained. The Sierra Wireless-Movimento solution allows automotive OEMs to update software for all ECUs simultaneously over-the-air. When an automaker needs to upgrade a vehicle’s systems, it’s now as simple as logging into the dashboard over a secure network and selecting the appropriate update campaign.

Movimento’s software update client runs on the Legato Linux Embedded Application Framework available on Sierra Wireless 4G automotive modules. Through the Sierra Wireless AirVantage cloud platform, the Movimento solution enables automakers to seamlessly upgrade all vehicle software.

Rambus Inc. digital security and Movimento have partnered to deliver secure, convenient and personalized OTA vehicle updates critical to safety and performance in the era of the connected car.

The CryptoManager platform adds an important layer of security to the Movimento OTA solution. Vehicle updates provided by the combined Movimento and Rambus  solution offers one-time, single-use keys that are unique to each vehicle, minimizing vulnerabilities and maximizing security. As part of the collaboration, Movimento’s OTA technology utilizes the Rambus CryptoManager platform, enabling in-field provisioning of encrypted keys generated for each vehicle and allowing for secure communication between a vehicle and the cloud.

RealVNC with MirrorLink

VNC Automotive, part of the RealVNC family, is demonstrating the latest in VNC Telematics™ allowing connectivity and real-time interaction between vehicles and cloud-based content and applications. The technology allows automotive OEMs and dealer networks to remotely access a vehicle’s dashboard display in order to deliver instant assistance to the driver.

This year the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) will be joining VNC Automotive. The CCC will be demonstrating its MirrorLink smartphone-centric car connectivity solution. The open industry standard solution that is device and operating system agnostic and is designed for the automotive industry by the automotive industry.  MirrorLink is integrated into many of the world’s auto and smartphone manufacturers and is currently in production use in over 100 models and 20 million vehicles.

VNC Automotive is also showcasing its MirrorLink Certified solution, VNC Automotive. This technology has the ability to pair your vehicle with your mobile device, enabling your mobile phone to perform a number of functions within the car. Using this solution, you are able to stream multiple videos from your handset and view them on the rear seat entertainment systems. There is also the option to connect several devices to the vehicle at once whilst utilizing various apps and content from each handset. In addition to these features, whilst videos and media applications are running, the driver is able to launch navigation maps without disrupting the passenger’s viewing, creating the ultimate user experience.

Karamba’s Security Carwall

karamba_videoKaramba Security  announced Carwall, its in-car security software that automatically secures connected cars against cyberattacks. Carwall software keeps connected cars safe by sealing the car’s controller software, so it can immediately detect and prevent cyberattacks from exploiting the car controller’s software security bugs.

Karamba’s patent-pending software seals the car’s electronic control units (ECUs) by automatically creating security policies, based on factory settings. In real time, Carwall detects and prevents anything not explicitly allowed to load or run on the ECU, including in-memory attacks. There’s no ambiguity and no false alarms, detecting and preventing attackers, who try to exploit vulnerabilities and get into the car’s network.

Carwall software requires zero developer resources – it’s embedded during the ECU’s software build process, so it simply becomes part of the regular development cycle. As a result, Carwall makes it easy to secure and retrofit automobiles on the road today and protect them from cyberattacks; it can easily be part of software updates completed during a regularly scheduled service visit.

Because Carwall is part of the ECU software build, it is always current; Carwall protects the code, as is, sealing it to detect and prevent hackers from taking advantage of any security bugs that might be in the controller’s software. Carwall’s unique approach gives car manufacturers and Tier 1 system providers the confidence ECUs are protected, regardless of any security bugs they may contain, allowing them to keep their product schedules and focus resources on developing new functionality and safety features.

WirelessCar Telematics for Second Gen Subaru Starlink

WirelessCar will provide Subaru customers with safety and security features such as emergency call, breakdown call, stolen vehicle tracking plus other convenience services such as remote door lock/unlock, remote start & climate control, and diagnostics and software downloads.

Redpine Signals WaveCombo DSRC & non-DSRC

Redpine Signals announced the automobile industry’s most integrated, multi-protocol wireless solution with ultra- low power and a low cost designed to drive the emergence of the connected car. Redpine’s new WaveCombo(TM) solution enables dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) as well as non-DSRC applications while also featuring low power consumption ideal for use in bicycles, helmets, smart phones, and any such non-vehicular applications for rider as well as pedestrian safety.

WaveCombo’s unique wireless technology integration enables several applications and usage model such as emergency vehicle approaching warning (using 802.11p and BT), roadside alert (using 802.11p and BT), smart cone for worker safety (using 802.11p and 802.15.4) and passenger hot spot (802.11p in motion and 802.11n when parked) without the need for adding additional wireless modules. WaveCombo is a compact module (20mm x 23.9mm) and enables form-factor constrained applications.

Kymeta Flat-Panel Antenna

Kymeta provides broadband internet access to cars with its flat-panel antenna technology. Kymeta is demonstrating its advancements in connected car technology.

TU-Automotive Detroit visitors have the chance to get an early, first-hand look at Kymeta’s satellite mTenna® technology, along with new in-vehicle, connected applications enabled by high-speed broadband to the car. Kymeta lead a panel discussion with other experts from across the industry about bringing fiber-like data speeds to automobiles. Kymeta is offering demonstrations to complement the panel discussion and encourage conversation around the massive potential for satellite-connected vehicles.