E-Chips & Connected Car News Tips: Samsung, Joyent, Elektrobit, STMicroelectronics, SAP & Carship Enterprise

embeddedchipstipstinyEmbedded chips and connected car news tips this week come from Samsung, Joyent, Elektrobit, TMicroelectronics, SAP and “carship” Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

Samsung Buys Cloud Tech-Joyent

Samsung Electronics is acquiring Joyent, Inc., a leading public and private cloud provider. With Joyent’s  cloud technology, Samsung will now have access to its own cloud platform capable of supporting its growing lineup of mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based software and services. The transaction remains subject to customary closing conditions.

Elektrobit Intros Cloud-Based EB cadian

Elektrobit  announced EB cadian, a cloud-based service for focused and customizable remote analysis of vehicle performance. EB cadian will provide carmakers with a new tool to deliver insights they can leverage to optimize the value chain, save time and money in vehicle development and maintenance.

Remote analytics solutions are particularly effective in the continuous evolution of the fleet. In the web-frontend of EB cadian, carmakers can create specific, on-demand surveys without the need for permanent data transfer, and collect a wide variety of usage and performance data from sources like driver assistance components, battery life, emissions and infotainment systems. Surveys are highly customizable, enabling carmakers to focus on the data they really need and minimizing the data transfer. In addition, EB cadian allows carmakers to determine a very specific target group for the surveys, for example collecting data only from vehicles with a certain engine type, hardware component or software version.

EB cadian securely stores survey data in a scalable cloud environment that carmakers can tailor to their current needs and fleet size. EB cadian uses a unique algorithm to analyze the data collected, producing information that can help carmakers continuously optimize their vehicles throughout the whole product lifecycle. A better understanding of the vehicle components gives carmakers the information they need to choose the best suppliers for their products. Standardized interfaces ensure that additional applications, either from EB or the carmaker’s own solutions, can be integrated.

TMicroelectronics Partners with ESCRYPT

TMicroelectronics announced its collaboration with ETAS, a provider of innovative solutions for developing automotive embedded systems, and ESCRYPT, an ETAS subsidiary focused on security for embedded software, to deliver a complete platform comprising microcontrollers, software tools, and security solutions that accelerates development of new automotive control units for the connected-car age.

ST is working with ETAS and ESCRYPT to deliver a cost-effective platform for sub-system developers to create ECUs that ensure a high level of protection for vehicle-owners’ privacy, OEMs’ intellectual property, ECU functional integrity, and secure communication among the car’s ECUs and the cloud.

The solution ST is developing with ETAS and ESCRYPT leverages the SPC58 series of power-efficient and real-time-capable automotive microcontrollers, which feature a built-in Hardware Security Module (HSM) as well as multiple state-of-the-art CAN FD interfaces, plus LIN, FlexRay, and Ethernet with time-stamping to implement both control units with a functional integrity check and an in-vehicle network with encrypted communication.

SAP Vehicle Insights

SAP SE introduced SAP Vehicle Insights, an application that offers a variety of services to manage connected vehicles, including basic data analytics that can be used for fleet analytics, vehicle diagnostics and mobility-as-a-service scenarios, pushing live mobility to the next level.

This flexible application is based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform and collects, stores, maps and analyzes real-time sensor data from vehicles and equipment. This data can then be integrated or consolidated with both external and customer data. Customers can combine real-time telematics data with their business processes.

SAP Vehicle Insights enables innovative business processes with minimal disruption to existing systems. Standardized web-enabled services with open integration reduce costs through improved operations, planning and control. This helps create new business models, increase business agility and optimize fleet operations. SAP Vehicle Insights is addressing complex challenges for a fast-moving new ecosystem around IoT, connectivity, advanced analytics, new partnerships and mobility concepts of the future.

Enterprise can’t beam you up but will pick you up and promote Star Trek Beyond

Enterprise Rent-A-Car announced a partnership with Paramount Pictures for the July 22 release of “STAR TREK BEYOND.” Through the partnership, Enterprise is offering fans opportunities to experience the movie in unforgettable ways.

Fans can visit EnterpriseBeamsYouUp.com to enter for a chance to win a trip for two to the film’s red carpet premiere in San Diego. Other prizes available through the sweepstakes include a private screening of the film for up to 50 people, as well as free movie tickets and prize packs.

Beyond the sweepstakes, Enterprise will also debut a mockumentary-style video that features new vehicles available for rent that will boldly take customers where they’ve never gone before.

Enterprise is extending the “STAR TREK BEYOND” experience to several of its airport and branch locations across the country as well. This month, travelers will begin to notice Enterprise airport shuttle buses in New York City and Philadelphia wrapped with images of the U.S.S. Enterprise and the phrase: “Until We Can Beam You Up, We’ll Pick You Up” displayed on the side. In addition, select branch locations will feature movie-themed posters and other special signage throughout the summer.

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