The “truly connected car” needs super performance analytics

TATA Graphic EPD-Automotive3One of the most important features of a truly connected car is testing the performance of specialized telematics systems. SOASTA, provider of performance analytics partnered Tata Elxsi to support creating a “truly connected car.”

Tata Elxsi is working with a luxury car brand to design advanced telematics. SOASTA’s TouchTest platform will be used to validate and test the performance of services and ensure the project remains on track.

SOASTA’s selection followed an intense evaluation period lasting many months that saw the SOASTA technical team conduct numerous demos and tests designed to demonstrate the scope, scale and capabilities of the SOASTA platform. It ultimately led to approval from the car manufacturer of Tata Elxsi’s choice of partner and performance analytic platform.

The SOASTA platform allows testers to measure and review the performance, reliability and tolerances of key aspects associated with the connected car itself.

“Tata Elxsi’s decision to place their trust in SOASTA’s engineering and technical prowess speaks volumes to the strength and robustness of the platform, it’s affordability and ease of deployment. It also speaks to the values and qualities of the individuals and the company that makes SOASTA such a great partner – dependability, determination, flexibility and persistence to name but a few. A connected car project is a complex undertaking at the best of times but when you are delivering it for a prestigious brand, the pressure is really on. SOASTA are proud to be associated with such an innovative project and delighted to be working with Tata Elxsi to bring the project to life,” said Tom Lounibos, CEO & founder, SOASTA.