Self-Driving Autonomous Connections

Self-drivingCarInfoGraphicIt seems like almost every day, there is new announcement about self-driving cars. This week started off with an announcement that Google will buy 100 2017 Chrysler Pacific minivans to test. Today, we learned how GM plans to deploy self-driving with its all-electric Bolt, how people will hook-up with each other in autonomous cars, what people think about self-driving and a humorous video of what self-driving cars on a rampage could do.

GM to get self-driving Lyft with Bolts of Taxis

The Wall Street Journal reported that Lyft will work with GM using the new Chevy Bolt to test self-driving taxis. The test city is not disclosed yet, however, Lyft riders will have a choice to be in the pilot self-piloting program or not. This will give GM the opportunity to compete with the Uber and Google.

You Betcha’ They’ll Be Sex in AVs

Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence (CAVCOE)  co-founder and executive director Barrie Kirk predicts that, “Once computers are doing the driving, there will be a lot more sex in cars.” Thre are already reports o hooking up in Teslas with the AutoPilot on even though it dangerous. When it’s time to human driver to take over he may not be ready.

Keep Google Marshmallow Bubbles Clear

While could be some bio-mater to clean up in side self-driving Google cars, Google wants to make sure its bubble stays clear of debris. Google has filed a patent for a self-cleaning wiper system to keep the sensors on the dome (LiDAR can) on the top of the car clean and functioning.

Data Breach?

GM reportedly didn’t want to collaborate with Google with on self driving cars due to data collection concerns of GM. Google wanted its potential automotive partners to supply data retrieved from the self-driving vehicles.

Survey Reluctant

Recent surveys by J.D. Power, AAA and the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, researcher Kelley Blue Book and auto supplier Robert Bosch LLC all show that half to three-quarters of respondents don’t want anything to do with these models.

Although the A&M study found a 50/50 split on self driving, trust “is a big issue that will go away as people become more experienced with the technology,” said Johanna Zmud, senior research scientist with the Texas A&M institute told Bloomberg.


For those who are concerned that Google’s self-driving car will be like a Grand Theft Auto game the video below should give you a good laugh.